Automated External Defibrillators
AEDs are located across campus. Click on a building name to see a list of the specific locations of each AED or view all AED locations.

HeartSine 350 AED Demo Video


Main Orem Campus

Browning Administration (BA)

Clarke Building (CB)

Computer Science Building (CS)

Fugal Gateway (FG)

Fulton Library (FL)

Gunther Technology Building (GT)

Hall of Flags (HF)

Keller Building (KB)

Liberal Arts (LA)

Losee Center (LC)

Noorda Center (NC)

Pope Science Building (PS)

Rebecca Lockhart (RL)

Science Building (SB)

Sorensen Student Center (SC)

Sparks Automotive (SA)

Student Life and Wellness (SL)

Woodbury Business Building (WB)

Athletic Locations

Geneva Field Dome

  • Gevena Field Dome

Softball Field

Track and Field

UCCU Ballpark (BB)             

Cardiac Science AED Demo Video


Outlying Main Campus Buildings

Alumni Center (YA)

Auxiliary Building (AX)

Business Resource Center (BRC)

Digital Transformation (DX)                  

Facilities Complex (FC)

Mckay Education Building (ME)

Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism (NB)

Nuvi Basketball Center (BC)

Scene Shop

  • Scene Shop                               

Wee Care Center (WE)

Wolverine Service Center (WS)

Main Campus Houses

GEAR Up (H10)                                            

  • GEAR Up House                                 


Satellite Campuses

Capitol Reef

  • Capitol Reef

Culinary Arts Canyon Park Building L (CL)

Emergency Services (ES)

Health Professions West Campus (HP)

Provo Airport (HB)

Wasatch Campus

  • Wasatch Campus, Level 0
  • Wasatch Campus, Level 1

Thanksgiving Point

  • Thanksgiving Point, Level 1
  • Thanksgiving Point, Level 4


Med Sled Emergency Evacuation Devices
Med Sled Evacuation Devices allow for evacuation from buildings in emergency situations. Med Sled Devices are located around UVU Campus.

Med Sled device location on UVU main campus.

Person using Med Sled device.