Old camera in the forest - Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Archeology major with a minor in film and photography. Gage is very outgoing and very easy to talk to. He likes to travel both in and outside the United States, learning and photographing different ways of life. A few of his photos have even been published in National Geographic. Due to his experiences he possesses a lot of street smarts and takes responsibility for the group . He and his twin sister, Ava, are the top students in your class and share a tight sibling bond. In his spare time he likes to volunteer, build projects in his woodshop, and participate in dance competitions with Ava. The group is counting on him to document any findings and, as the one person who has the most travel experience, take the lead.




Mushroom in the forest - Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash


Archeology major with a minor in Paleobotany. Ava is more reserved than her twin brother, Gage, but just as brilliant. She is very tenacious and a natural born scientist. She can think quickly and come up with out-of-the-box solutions. She loves to experiment, and food is her passion. You can never pass up on any food she whisks up in the kitchen! For several years she has been on the hunt to create the perfect shepherd's pie and someday she hopes to participate in a televised cooking competition.  In her spare time she likes to work in her garden, collect recipes, and partner with Gage in dance competitions. The group is counting on her knowledge of ancient plants and vegetation for direction and to understand the jungle and the resources it may have provided in ancient times.





Wooden totem in the forest - Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash


Archeology major with a minor in Folklore and Mythology. Jackson is the life of the party. He is very animated and is often the comic relief in tense situations. He loves a good story and is always reading or relating historical tales of adventure and intrigue. You love to listen to him tell stories though you often wonder how much is actually historically accurate and how much is Jackson's flare for exaggeration. He may not be the best student in your class, but what he lacks in smarts and common sense he makes up in people skills. In his spare time he likes to play guitar and drums and participate in city theater productions. The group is counting on his knowledge of tales and history to interpret any clues that may have been left behind by ancient historians. 







Rusty video camera on forest tree - Photo by Eagan Hsu on Unsplas


Archeology major with a minor in Geographic Information Systems. Skye is very shy and often content to just listen. Though she is very reserved, she makes up for it with her tech savvy skills. She is able to pick up on things very fast just through observation and she never gets lost no matter where she goes. You suspect she is a certified genius, though you know she would never admit it. In her spare time she likes to watch old movies, computer code and volunteer as a service dog trainer. She is very good with animals. The group is counting on her to provide tech support and equipment maintenance for this quest. 




Ancient Statue in Jungle - Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash


Archeology major with a minor in Philology. You have been fascinated with ancient writings since you were little. You found your inspiration in Jean-Francois Champollion - the French Philologist who deciphered the Rosetta Stone and you hope to one day make your own great discovery. Your greatest dream is to one day be apart of the expedition that discovers some remains of the Library at Alexandria. You are an average student, but you study and work hard and you have wonderful college professors that encourage and help you grow. In your spare time you like to sketch, hike, and you are currently learning to ice skate. Oh, and you are also fluent in Spanish, French, and German. What can you say, you love languages!