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Workplace Culture

Our Mission

The Workplace Culture team is committed to providing supervisors and teams with learning experiences through professional development activities, including workshops, programs, and initiatives. We recognize and celebrate achievements and hard work through regular appreciation events, fostering a culture of exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results.

Workplace Development

We strive to enhance the professional growth and satisfaction of UVU employees by providing comprehensive training, coaching, and development opportunities. We aim to provide UVU’s workforce with the tools that provide behavior change, improve performance, and cultivate long-term engagement through various programs, including leadership development, staff workshops, full-day trainings, coaching, and more.

Appreciation, Recognition, and Events

We foster a culture of appreciation and recognition that aligns with UVU’s principles of exceptional care, accountability, and results. By valuing and celebrating our employees' contributions, we not only enhance their professional growth and satisfaction but also drive the success of our students and the institution as a whole. We cultivate appreciation through regular events, trainings, and aiding with the University's award processes.