Mechanical Engineering Capstones




Baja 4WD

A 4WD drive system for a custom offroad vehicle design in accordance with the rules for Baja SAE competition.

Brigham Wilde
Bryce McCleary
Nathan Garfield
Young Hwi Lee
Nicholas Bringhurst

Invasive Fish

An automated system to sort invasive fish species from native species in water habitats, specifically, carp from Utah Lake and tributaries.

Jeff Dickson
Brady Jensen
Trent Peterson
Aaron Raddatz

Human Powered Vehicle

A human powered vehicle in designed in accordance with the rules for the ASME HPVC competition.

Tyler Orr
Nate Robertson
Carson McAllister
Chandler Hoopes
Jonathan Hill

Road Tester

Test device that can be used to evaluate the affects of a snow plow and car tires on road materials and road marking.

Caleb Robison
Joshua Scott
Mason Peterson
Eric Mickelsen

Game Playing Robot

An interactive robot which plays table tennis with a human competitor.

Patrick Butler
Noah Parker
Daniel Hernandez
David Evans
Derek Wright


A custome made rocket designed and built to carry a 9lb payload to a target apogee of 100 feet AGL. Designed in accordance with the rules for the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC)

Curtis Burgess
Brady Casper
Shenille Fiack
Mindy Young

Running Cart

A custom cart that can be used by long-distance runners to carry supplies.

Robbie Brewer
Elzi Nielsen
Kevin Adams
Cade Engemann
Allyson Marchant


An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed in accordance with the rules of the ASME UAV competition.

Logan Sanford
Jacob Biesinger
Zachary Bone
Jace Crump
James Bridge


A sustainable energy system developed in accordance with the rules for the CWC wind competition.

Jehu Pineda Erazo
Clayton Hutchings
Ruth Kapinga
Cole Diepeveen
Nathan Bevan

Civil Engineering Capstones




State Road 87 Realignment

The roadway design of a section of State Road 87 between mile marker 18.8 through mile marker 20.1 west of the city of Altamont.

Michael Gustafson
Alma Allred
Thomas Gwynn

State Road 92 Design

The roadway design of a section of I-15 between State Road 92 and the northern border of Utah County.

Maia Del Castillo
Maxwell Martin
Ted Cannon
Zach Larson

Springville/Spanish Fork I-15 Interchange East Frontage Road Realignment

The roadway design of the realignment of the East frontage road as part of the construction of the Springville/Spanish Fork Interchange.

Mitch Mortimer

CUWCD CWP Distribution System Pressure Analysis

The design and determination of the required value of pressure to allow a specific volume of water to reach its destination at the correct pressure head and still fill the north terminal reservoirs.

Donald Geverts
Austin Pinter
Taylor Seipel

Geneva Rock VMA Predictive Model

The development of a predictive asphalt mix design model for Geneva Rock Products.

Cody Price
Dylan Hunter
Nyle Sampson

800 East Expansion

The roadway design for the widening of 800 East from three lanes to five lanes between Center Street and 800 South in Orem.

Buzz Beeson
Blake Beddoes
Luke Maeser

CUWCD Manganese Well Mitigation

The design and identification of the proper chlorine treatments needed to control the potential for harmful bacterial growth in three wells managed by the Central Utah Water Conservancy District in Vineyard.

Ian Horrocks
Ethan Vernon
Gavin West

Mechanical Engineering Presentation Schedule

Room SC 206A

Team Time
Human Powered Vehicle 12:00 pm
Road Tester 12:30 pm
Rocket 1:00 pm
Running Cart 1:30 pm
Baja 4WD 2:00 pm

Room SC 206B

Ping-Pong Robot 12:00 pm
Invasive Fish 12:30 pm
Wind Power System 1:00 pm
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 1:30 pm
person controling a small robotic arm
Card with showcase information
girl working on robotic arm