The English Education degree prepares students to teach English in grades 6-12 in Utah public and private schools. Additionally, many states outside of Utah offer reciprocal agreements to accept the Utah teaching license. UVU’s English Education program is recognized statewide for its outstanding reputation. Each year we receive an increasing number of requests for interns, and our student teachers are widely acclaimed as well. Placement rates both in and outside of Utah are high.

UVU’s English Education program also welcomes students who already have a Bachelor’s degree from UVU or other institutions and now want to become English teachers.

Will  English Secondary Education meet the educational requirements for the professional credential in the state or US territory you might choose to live during or after completing your UVU degree? Visit the UVU Professional Licensure website to learn more!

Who Should Teach English?

  • Those who love to read, analyze, and talk about literature and who want to share that passion with young readers.
  • Those who love to write --academic or creative--and want to help young writers discover the power of the pen.
  • Those who believe that language is the most powerful vehicle for making a difference in the world.
  • Those who want to be lifelong learners.
  • Those who want to stay young forever.
  • Those who want to touch young lives as no other teacher can.

Our students develop a close association with professors from both the English and Secondary Education departments. Classes are small, and the attention students get is individual and immediate. Our program is aligned with Utah State Office of Education requirements to provide our graduates with the best possible experiences – theoretical and practical – to prepare them for their own classrooms.

Motivating Questions

  • Is teaching English an art or a science?
  • How can I plan English lessons that are focused on key concepts and skills, aligned to intended learning outcomes, engaging, and relevant?
  • How can I assess my students’ learning?
  • How can I help my students develop the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills required for college or career?
  • How can I help my students discover more about themselves and others through reading and writing?

What Can I Do with English Education?

  • Teaching core and elective English classes in Utah public, charter, and private schools, grades 6-12.

Courses Overview

The English Education major earns a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree by satisfying the expectations of courses required by both the School of Education and the English Department. The final semester is a 65-day student teaching experience, supervised by UVU English Education professors, in a secondary English classroom. In addition to the UVU diploma, graduates receive a Level I license from the State of Utah.

In addition to a variety of literature and writing courses required by the English Department, students take three English Methods courses, ENGL 4210, ENGL 4220, and ENGL 4230. These courses focus on specific strategies to teach the four Utah State Core strands: reading, writing, speaking/listening, and language. Methods I, the prerequisite course, provides an opportunity for students to visit schools and observe the practices of experienced teachers. This course also offers a general flavor of what it’s like to teach English in a secondary classroom, including the basics of unit design, assessment, and course mapping. Methods II focuses on the teaching of reading and literature. Methods III concentrates on specific strategies to teach writing. By the time our English Education students finish the three Methods courses, they are ready to step into their own classrooms with an assortment of well-developed unit and lesson plans and a toolbox of various strategies to engage students and help them learn important concepts and skills.

Faculty Contacts

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