Composition Courses

English 1010 (Introduction to Academic Writing) and English 2010 (Intermediate Writing: Academic Writing and Research) are required general education courses for all UVU students. These courses are capped at a much smaller class size than many other courses a student will take at UVU. In doing so, a student’s first year writing experience offers one on one attention and a community building environment in the crucial early years of a student’s academic career.

While these courses provide an excellent introduction to the foundations of academic writing within the university, they serve an even larger role beyond providing skills for future work. For many students, these courses introduce the idea that composition itself is a legitimate field of academic study with its own concerns and methodologies. Students leave these classes not only prepared to write across the curriculum but also with an appreciation of the complexities and possibilities of writing itself.


  • Prerequisite(s): Appropriate placement scores

Teaches rhetorical knowledge and skills, focusing on critical reading, writing, and thinking. Introduces writing for specific academic audiences and situations. Emphasizes writing as a process through multiple drafts and revisions. In addition to major essay assignments, may include in-class writing and collaboration, research writing, journals, and portfolios.

Course Outcomes

  • Demonstrate rhetorical awareness of audience, purpose, context, and genre in written and oral forums (papers and class discussion).
  • Demonstrate critical reading, writing, and thinking skills, learning to inquire into issues and problems, explore and interrogate multiple perspectives, negotiate meanings across a diverse array of positions, and problematize oversimplifications.
  • Demonstrate use of process as an integral component of college-level writing.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of conventions of academic writing and research.
  • Craft well-reasoned written and oral arguments derived from personal and public inquiry.
  • Demonstrate the ability to complicate problematic, clichéd notions of interpretation and articulation.


  • Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1010 or ENGL 101H with a grade of C- or better.

Emphasizes academic inquiry and research in the humanities and social sciences. Explores issues from multiple perspectives. Teaches careful reasoning, argumentation, and rhetorical awareness of purpose, audience, and genre. Focuses on critically evaluating, effectively integrating, and properly documenting sources. In addition to major essay assignments, may include in-class writing and collaboration, an annotated bibliography, oral presentations, and portfolios.

Course Outcomes

  • Identify awareness of audience, purpose, and genre in research-focused writing projects.
  • Demonstrate use(s) of reading and writing for inquiry.
  • Evaluate and integrate source materials into writing projects.
  • Apply knowledge of college-level, academic writing and research.

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