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Warp & Weave is UVU’s premier publication for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction. We consider any speculative piece that's in a printable medium: comics, plays, artwork, photography, poetry, short stories, etc.

As with the other student publications sponsored by the English and Literature Department, Warp & Weave’s editorial staff is comprised entirely of current UVU student volunteers.

Warp & Weave publishes original short fiction, poetry, and artwork by UVU students, area high school students, and other contributors from the extended community.

The journal offers awards to authors for the three best pieces published in prose, poetry, and art.


Fall 2021 Prose/Poetry Submission Deadline: October 1st

Fall 2021 Artwork Submission Deadline: October 22nd


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  • Use a common serif font (e.g. Times New Roman or Cambria).
  • Use a 12pt font-size.
  • All prose pieces should be no longer than 5,000 words.
  • Prose and poetry submissions must be in .docx format only.
  • Artwork must be in .jpg, .tif, .jpeg, .png or .pdf formats only.
  • Artwork should be submitted with a 1350X2100, 300ppi minimum and 3600X4800, 300ppi maximum resolution.
  • Signatures are allowed on artwork.
  • Do not use a title page. Titles should be placed at the top of the first page of the submission.
  • Fanfiction is not permitted. Warp & Weave editors reserve the right to determine what constitutes fanfiction.  
  • Author names must be removed from the submission piece itself.
  • However, author names must be included on the submission sheet (see link below).
  • Submissions should be sent as part of the submission form and labeled as follows: lastname_title.filetype. For example, if your name is Joanna Russ and your written work is titled "When It Changed," your file name would be: russ_whenitchanged.docx.
    • If the online submission form does not work, please upload this form, fill it out and email with your poetry, prose, or artwork with an explanation of what went wrong with the google form to warp.weave@gmail.com.


Original prose, poetry, and artwork: fill out this Submission Form.

If you are a UVU student and have non-speculative, original artwork: submit to the Touchstones Journal website, where your art will be available for consideration by all English and Literature department journals.



To join Warp & Weave's student editorial staff, please send all inquiries to warp.weave@gmail.com.

Faculty Advisor for Fall 2021: Deb Thornton (thorntde@uvu.edu).

Editor-in-Chief for Fall 2021: Rachel Nishitani (warp.weave@gmail.com).

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