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Warp & Weave is UVU’s premier publication for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction. As with the other student publications sponsored by the English and Literature Department, Warp and Weave’s editorial staff is comprised entirely of current UVU student volunteers.

Warp & Weave publishes original short fiction, poetry, and artwork by UVU students and by other contributors from UVU’s extended community and network. The journal also offers awards to authors for the best piece published.

Submission Guidelines

  • We consider any speculative piece that's a printable medium: comics, plays, artwork, photography, poetry, short stories, etc.
  • We do not permit fanfiction and the determination is made by the editors/readers. We reserve the right to make that call.
  • Word count is up to 5,000 for short stories.
  • Written submissions should be formatted in a common serif document font (e.g. Times New Roman or Cambria) and 12pt font-size. Do not included a title page. Titles should be placed at the top of the first page of the submission. Author names should be removed from the submission and included only on the submission sheet. We allow signatures on artwork.
    • Submissions should be sent as an attachment. File names should be labeled as followed: lastname_title.filetype.
      • For example, if your name is John Doe and your written work is titled "Short Story," your file name would be: doe_shortstory.docx
    • Written submissions must be saved as .docx and artwork must be saved as .jpg or .pdf.

To submit your original writing to Warp & Weave, email your work and the filled-out submission sheet (download below) as attachments to warp.weave@gmail.com.

To submit original artwork, please fill out the jotform at the link below, and be sure to select Warp & Weave. We look forward to viewing your submission.

If you want to know how to join Warp & Weave's student editorial staff, or have any other questions about Warp & Weave, please send all inquiries to warp.weave@gmail.com.

Download Form

Jotform for Artwork


Spring 2018 Prose/Poetry Submission Deadline: February 7th

Spring 2018 Artwork Submission Deadline: March 1st

Faculty Advisor: Ethan Sproat (Ethan.sproat@uvu.edu)

Warp and Weave