Help, I can't add an English 1010 / 2010 or 2020 class! 

Your high school tests (ACT or SAT) need to be on the system as well as any college transcripts you have transferred.

To take an english composition class you must have at least a 19 in both English and Writing on the the ACT, or a 500 or better on the SAT. If you didn't take those tests, or scored too low, you can go to the Testing Center and take the Accuplacer assessment tests. You'll need to score at least a 65 in Reading and at least an 85 in Sentence Skills.

In addition, if you completed ENGH 1005 (formerly ENGH 0990 or 1000) you need at least a C to qualify for 2010.

I'm pretty sure my scores are correct; why won't the computer let me add 1010? It tells me I need a prerequisite. 

You can reach out to an English advisor, or email for help resolving this issue.

What is the English & Literature waitlist policy? 

  • Classroom size for Composition classes is strictly limited to 23 students (20 for lab classes).
  • Classroom size for Literature and Creative Writing classes is strictly limited to 25 students (20 for lab classes).
  • Up until the end of the first week of a 15-week semester, you can only register (or get on a Wait List) for class through myUVU.
  • After the first week no one will be allowed to into a ENGL course regardless of circumstance.

I need to drop my English class, but it's after the drop deadline. 

After the drop deadline, students with documentation of "exceptional circumstances" will be allowed to drop classes by speaking to the Registrar's Office about a withdrawal exception form. They will require documentation, but then will process your withdrawal and obtain chair approval.