London & Edinburgh

London—a world capital rich with famous places and cultural events—where students earn academic credit while integrating their study with excursions to historical, literary, and theatrical sites in and around the city.

Study Abroad in London explores British literature, art, philosophy, culture, and society in an international context, emphasizing the multicultural dynamics of Britain's past and present. Students will explore the cultural and historical contexts out of which Britain’s global significance in humanistic inquiry developed and in which it continues to thrive. Students also will incorporate experiential learning into course assignments, moving beyond the classroom and into the living present through walking tours, independent research, theater performances, and visits to major archives. 

Students will research and visit several historic sites throughout London, such as the Tower of London, British Museum, Highgate Cemetery, William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Westminster Abbey, and Portobello Road. Added to this are guided visits in Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, and Stonehenge, open weekends for independent travel, and the opportunity for numerous other activities while residing in Central London. The final week excursion will take students to Edinburgh, via Yorkshire in the north of England, to visit cultural and historic sites relevant to their coursework, such as Edinburgh Castle and the National Museum of Scotland.


May 22nd, 2023 to June 23rd, 2023


ENGL 2610 / HONR 2000 - British Literature Before 1800 (Medieval and Early Modern Cultures of the Book, cross-listed with Ancient Legacies)

ENGL 3610 - Medieval Literature

ENGL 2620 / HONR 2100 - Home, City, Empire: Space and the Construction of British Literature, cross-listed with Modern Legacies)

ENGL 486R - Critical Spatial Theory and the Construction of Cultural Identity

Other courses may be offered upon consultation. All majors are welcome to apply.

Please see the Study Abroad site for more details.

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