If you feel that you have experienced sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, you have several options available to you. The Equity and Title IX office is here to offer support and resources to address your concerns through informal or formal options. To learn more about your resources and options please call (801) 863-7999 or email TitleIX@uvu.edu .

Report an Incident 

If you would like to file a complaint pertaining to you or on behalf of someone else, please select REPORTING FORM which will direct you to the on-line form where you can also upload files with your complaint.


Reporting and Investigations FAQ

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What happens after I file a report?

Once a report is received, the Title IX Coordinator or Investigator will review it. If your information is provided, we will reach out to offer supportive measures, resources, and invite you to meet and discuss additional options. You can choose to respond or not. If you decide to meet, we will walk you through your options and discuss the support measures available.

Can I report anonymously?

Reports can be submitted anonymously by clicking the REPORTING FORM button above. However, this may limit our ability to respond and provide supportive measures that we are able to provide. We will not be able to offer resources or further assistance with an investigation as we will have no way of contacting you.

What if I don't want an investigation?

In most cases, we can honor your request not to pursue an investigation. However, for safety reasons we may be required to proceed with an investigation even if it is requested that we don't. Again, our goal is to appropriately address the behavior and stop its recurrence.

What is the difference between a formal investigation and an informal resolution?

A Formal Investigation involves conducting a fact-finding investigation and following a predetermined adjudication process that concludes with a formal finding and outcome. Informal Resolution is an alternative to a formal investigation and the predetermined adjudication process. This occurs when both sides voluntarily agree to “informally” resolve issues or concerns involving harassment, discrimination, or retaliation.

How long does an investigation take?

Our goal is to complete all investigations timely and promptly. However, some investigations may take more or less time due to complexity, circumstance, scheduling, or other extenuating factors.

Will I ever be required to meet with or see the other party involved in my case?

Respondents and Claimants do not have to meet or speak to each other as part of a Title IX investigation or informal resolution. However, under the 2020 Title IX regulations, there may be indirect questioning during a hearing through advisors. Both parties will have the opportunity to read and respond to the statements and evidence of the other, but all communication will be facilitated through the investigator.

I’ve been contacted by the Equity & Title IX Office, do I have to participate in the investigation?

Participation in an investigation is voluntary. Investigation findings will be made based on the information available. We encourage cooperation so we can make more fully informed conclusions. Please note that investigations may move forward on the information regardless if all the relevant parties choose to participate.

I’d like to bring someone with me when I come into the Equity & Title IX Office. Is that allowed?

The parties may have a support person with them during meetings with the Equity & Title IX Office.

A support person may be a parent, legal guardian, friend, faculty member, attorney, or other person that the claimant or respondent would like to be present for emotional support. However, a support person may not serve as a witness. A support person must follow the rules of the process and may not formally participate in the process beyond supporting the party.

Will the findings of an investigation show on my official transcript?

In accordance with Rule 265 of the Utah System of Higher Education, where UVU has investigated and found a student responsible for violation(s) of UVU policies 162 or 165 which resulted in either expulsion or suspension from the university, the violation will be noted on the student's official transcript. 

If I make a report, I’m afraid the other person may come after me. Are there protections for this?

UVU’s policies have a strict prohibition against intimidation and retaliation. This includes any adverse action that may deter a person from making a report or participating in an investigation. If you feel you have been the target of intimidation or retaliation, please contact UVU’s Equity and Title IX Office immediately. If you feel that you are in danger, please contact campus police at (801) 863-5555 or dial 911.

What will happen if I was using drugs or alcohol at the time?

Any student who makes a good faith report of sexual harassment or sexual violence that they experienced themselves or witnessed, will not be sanctioned by UVU for code of conduct violations related to the use of drugs or alcohol that is discovered because of the report.

Mandatory Reporting

Report an Incident as a Mandatory Reporter

  • You may make your report in person, by calling 801-863-7999, or emailing the Equity & Title IX office at TitleIX@uvu.edu.
  • Provide the names for both parties; it is helpful if you have their UVID number.
  • If you make your report using email, you can forward the student’s email, type your conversation notes, and attach any pertinent documentation or screenshots.
  • Let us know what you told them, and if you have not already done so, inform them that you are making the report to the Equity & Title IX office, and an investigator will reach out to them.
  • If you respond via email, you can ‘CC’ our office.
  • The Equity & Title IX office will acknowledge receipt of your email/mandatory report, ask for additional information if needed, and if not, this will end your reporting obligation.
  • The Equity & Title IX office will reach out directly to them to offer support and resources.

Information for Mandatory Reporters

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What does being a “Mandatory Reporter” mean?

All UVU employees are considered “mandatory reporters” and must report complaints related to sexual assault, misconduct, discrimination, and/or harassment to the Equity & Title IX office.

What should I do if someone discloses a reportable incident?

  • As soon as you make the determination that they are telling you about a Title IX Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, or Discrimination/Harassment report, you should stop the conversation to let them know that you are a mandatory reporter and anything they tell you will need to be reported to the Equity & Title IX office. Even if they stop their report, you are still obligated to make a report.
  • As you are required to make a report to the Equity & Title IX office, you do not need the case details as we will get those directly from the individual.  We want to avoid traumatizing them by telling their story multiple times.
  • Connect them to the Equity & Title IX office. Depending on the nature of their disclosure, you may want to walk them to our office. We can meet with them and assess immediate counseling and/or safety needs.
  • MINORS: Consistent with Utah Code Ann. § 62A-4a-403, anyone who reasonably suspects any incident of sexual harassment or abuse involving a minor shall immediately report it to campus police or the local police department. Employees who become aware of allegations involving a minor shall notify the Title IX Coordinator and their supervisor that they have reported the allegation to the police.  (Policy 162:
  • If you learn of the incident in an email, you can forward that email to the Equity & Title IX office by responding to the student’s email to let them know that you are a Mandatory Reporter and are required to notify our office. If you ‘CC’ our office on that email then we will have their report, your reporting requirement will have been met, and they can respond to our email address. Please provide the names & UVID numbers of all parties.
  • If you learn of the incident in an assignment, you can email the Equity & Title IX office, attach the assignment, and your reporting requirement will have been met. Please provide the names & UVID numbers of all parties.
  • You have 24 hours from learning of the incident to report it to the Equity and Title IX office. You can report your concerns using any of the following methods:
    • Email TitleIX@uvu.edu
    • Call 801-863-7999 for the front desk
    • Walk them to our office at BA-203

How does a mandatory reporter respond to the complainant's email report and inform the Equity and Title IX office.

Respond to their email report with an email, and “CC” us at TitleIX@uvu.edu so we know when they informed you, what they reported to you, and what your response was to them. If you were informed in an assignment, please attach the assignment to the email.

Below is a sample email template that you may use:

Thank you for confiding in me. As you may or may not know, I am a mandatory reporter and all claims of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, domestic/relationship violence, stalking, discrimination, harassment, or retaliation must be reported to the Equity & Title IX office.

Although I am here to support you as your professor, the investigation and support services will come from their office.

Someone from their office will be reaching out to you to offer support and resources. We all want you to succeed in your personal life and in school.

I encourage you to reach out to their office and utilize their services. They will be able to connect you to UVU Resources and Community Resources as appropriate.