Wildland Fire Program

A truly unique opportunity is open to the UVU Emergency Services Students in the Wildland Fire Internship Program.

Wildland Academics

Students interested in wildland fire classes may enroll in ESWF 1400 Wildland Fire Fundamentals.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) courses that make up the wildland fire portion of this degree include; S-130, S-190, I-100, L-180, S-131, S-270, S-215, S-211, S-290, S-200, I-200, S-260 and L-280. If you have already taken some of these NWCG courses, you may buy up to 16 credit hours. An original NWCG course certificate provided to your Academic Advisor will be required to purchase credit hours for courses already completed. These courses will be given throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring. Students may attend them in conjunction with our regularly scheduled upper division NWCG courses.

If you have any questions about this degree program please call our Academic department at 801-863-7798.

Wildland Firefighting Internship

Students, who complete various UVU wildland fire classes, can apply for a paid summer internship with our partner, Utah Forestry Fire & State Lands. Interns will be assigned to crews that perform firefighting and fire mitigation work throughout Utah and surrounding states. During 2009, 20 interns were selected and participated in a large number of skill and knowledge-building projects and incidents. This program is very physically and mentally demanding. Students will be saving lives, property, and the environment, if that's not the epitome of engaged learning, we don't know what is!

If strenuous, adrenaline pumping outdoor team activities coupled with the desire to interact with nature at its best and worst are attractive to you, check out the Lone Peak website for information, pictures and videos.

For program admissions and other information contact Dan Cather at [email protected].