Emergency Management and Disaster Assistance

Emergency Management is a field of public service that deals with the processes used to protect a population or organization from the consequences of disaster, wars, and acts of terrorism.


  • Adaptive
  • Prepared
  • Able to Prioritize
  • Open-Minded

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Emergency Leadership

a row of people sitting, with notepads and pens on their laps.

Emergency Management education programs focus on the leadership skills needed to assist the public, direct first responders, and advise officials in the preparation, response, and recovery from disasters and other emergencies.


  • Coordinated
  • Decisive
  • Experienced
  • Responsible

Emergency Care

A degree in emergency services prepares practicing and future emergency service professionals through a program that balances technical skills, critical and ethical thinking, leadership, and effective communication. Our programs address multiple emergency service educational needs, from professional certifications to degrees.


  • Detection
  • Reporting
  • Response
  • On-Scene Care

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