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Event Requests

Top and Featured Event Submission Process

  1. Reserve your event time through the 25Live Event Form.
  2. Submit event details through the Top and Featured Events Request Form below.
  3. The ECC will review and determine top and featured event submissions.


Definitions and Requirements

Category Featured Events

Each category will feature three main events that will pull chronologically and rotate by event date here on the UVU Events homepage. When a category is opened, a full calendar list is viewable.

Top Events

Top events are the three events displayed at the top of the event website as well as the UVU homepage. These are selected manually and determined by the ECC. Events will rotate chronologically based on event date.  Only events that are selected as top events will appear.

Top and Featured Event Requirements

  • Event Description: The official event description which will be featured publicly on UVU calendars and websites. Event details, including, but not limited to, description of the event, event audience, and activities taking place during the event. We will not edit or make changes to your description. 
  • Event Image URL: An event image link. If you need assistance creating an image link please contact your department's site manager.
  • Event Ticket URL: Link to purchase/reserve tickets.
  • Event Details URL: Link to an event or promotional webpage if desired, ex) Facebook page, informational webpage, event website.

Event Image Size Recommendations

  • Max image file size: 2mb
  • Image aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Minimum resolution: 800x450
  • Maximum resolution: 1280×720

Request Form

This form is intended for events already scheduled in 25Live and is required for all Top and Featured event requests.

Contact Information

Event Information

Will you be requesting this event to be listed as a Top or Featured event?
If yes, please select the listing type(s) that apply:

Example: 2021-ABPRVW

Event image aspect ratio: 16:9
Minimum resolution: 800x450
Maximum resolution: 1280×720



Disclaimer: All top and featured event requests will be reviewed and determined by the ECC.