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Over time, the performance of our campus building mechanical systems may decline. This can be due to normal wear and tear, deferred maintenance, additions or major modifications, equipment malfunctions, or perhaps, out-right failure. Our UVU automation team’s approach is to help confirm systems are correctly installed, calibrated, and operating in accordance to manufactures specifications and the State of Utah’s high performance building standards.


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Building Automation Costs & Billing

The Central Plant Building Automation department is state funded to maintain and operate campus facilities as originally constructed and will perform routine maintenance at their own expense. The Central Plant Preventative Maintenance team may provide work beyond the scope of routine maintenance at the expense of the requesting department and pending approval. These requests are considered billable services and are outlined in the table below.

Campus Services bills monthly for services performed through Service Requests and for any work orders that are completed for services outside of state funded services.

NOTE: A Service Request form must be submitted for all work that is considered a billable service.


Request for work

Building Automation State Funded Services

Examples include but not limited to

  • Ensures proper directional air flow for all Campus research buildings and labs
  • Installs, repairs and maintains all refrigeration equipment on Campus, including environmental rooms
  • Maintains accurate refrigerant recordkeeping of the proper handling and usage of refrigerant to ensure compliance for EPA filing, and retrofits CFC refrigerants to environmentally friendly HFC refrigerants
  • Maintains all fume hoods on Campus
  • Operates and maintains extensive building automation networks across Campus
  • Serves as Direct Digital Control specialists to aid in comfort-cooling and tight temperature control for labs and critical areas
  • Services and maintains all building exhaust systems to ensure safe and efficient building operations
  • Services and maintains all heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure safe and efficient building operation
  • Tests and maintains critical air flow and temperature alarms for all labs and facilities

Billable Services

Examples include but not limited to

  • HVAC requests for additional heating and cooling equipment out of want rather than necessity
  • Additional diffusers or diffuser modifications
  • Relocating wall sensors to accommodate office staffing and furniture location changes
  • Department-owned equipment installation
  • Temporary heating and cooling installation
  • Maintenance and repair of departmental equipment and appliances

Energy Conservation & Electrical Services

Campus Services promotes and implements energy conservation and management, including technical planning and upgrades to building systems such as lighting and HVAC. Services include: field estimates, planning, development, and implementation of upgrades in lighting, HVAC, and other systems to promote energy and operational efficiency.

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