What about roof leaks?

Campus Services DOES NOT repair roof leaks. The Utah State Division of Facilities and Construction Management (DFCM) is responsible for all roof repairs on State owned buildings. If you see a roof leak, please report this to Facilities and we will submit a ticket for DFCM to inspect and make any necessary repairs. Please keep in mind that we are on their schedule.

Why would a Facilities worker come into my office when I did not submit a work order?

There are several reasons this may happen: preventive maintenance inspection, utilities located above your ceiling, damage to the floor above, etc.

Why can’t you do my work request “right away” when it will only take 5 minutes?

We receive dozens of requests like these every day. To maintain control of the workload, all work requests must be prioritized and scheduled. Note: Any request for work left on voice mail after 5:30 pm or emailed over the weekend, will be submitted the next working day. If the request is an emergency, please contact UVU Police at 801- 863-5555 and they will notify the respective maintenance personnel.

How do I find the status of a work order?

Simply call Facilities at 801-863-8130 and request information about the work order you submitted. If you were emailed a work order number, please give that number as it will help in finding your request

How are requests prioritized?

Facilities continually has around 200 open work orders and requests and we do our best to respond to everyone’s as quick as possible, but please understand that some requests have a higher priority than others. We prioritize requests based on: I. Safety and/or the potential to cause immediate damage to property II. How it directly impacts students III. How it effects faculty and staff IV. Need vs. want

What should I do for an Emergency (flooding, sever leaks, power outage, etc.)?

If an emergency occurs during business hours (Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) that requires immediate assistance, call 801-863-8130. A Facilities Administrator will dispatch a technician to your area. If an emergency occurs outside of business hours, contact Utah Valley University Police Dispatch at 801-863-5555

What is the difference between a Work Order and a Service Request?

A Work Order is generally completed for maintenance/repair of original building and systems including heating, air conditioning, ventilating, electrical, plumbing, structure, equipment installed as integral parts of the building, maintenance and repair of walks, lawns, trees and shrubs in general fund supported areas. A Service Request is generally completed for departmental equipment, installation of items such as white boards, office accessories, fabrication of shelves and equipment, moving furniture, custodial services requested outside of the schedule such as waxing a floor, or special trash collection.

Where do I find a Service Request?

Service Request forms can be found at https://www.uvu.edu/facilities/request-work/index.html

I am planning a move. How do I request support?

Please fill out and submit a Service Request form. Facilities Services will then contact you to coordinate a moving date. Note: Please make sure to submit your Service Request 10 days prior to move. Also make sure to empty all desk drawers and shelves before we arrive for the scheduled move.

Can I move office furniture myself?

Yes you can!

Who is responsible for event set-ups and cleaning?

Custodial is NOT responsible for event set-ups and cleaning. The Events Services staff is responsible and can be found at: https://www.uvu.edu/eventservices/

Whom do I contact to request installation of a white board, bulletin board, or cork board?

Please fill out and submit a Service Request form.

I need my office walls painted. Does Facilities pay for this?

Facilities will cover the cost of painting IF it is needed due to age or damage outside of an occupant’s control. Paint should typically last 10 years. If the room needs patched and painted because the previous occupant hung multiple accessories on the wall, the requesting department will cover the cost. If you would like an accent wall, the requesting department will cover the cost. Note: For painting requests outside of routine painting, please submit a Service Request form.

How long until the painters will arrive for my request?

Painting requests are scheduled in advance. All requests go into our schedule in the order it was received as well as the schedule of our own routine painting. Higher profile areas such as hallways, classrooms, and public spaces are considered a higher priority than offices.

What do I need to know before painting begins?

When we paint in an office, expect 2 to 3 days of down time. The painters will have several other requests that they are working on while they are working on your office. They will not be in your office all day every day. While your office is in “dry time” they will be elsewhere working on other requests. We will do our best to protect everything from damage, but the occupant is ultimately responsible for the items in their office and they need to remove or protect any and all personal items. All file cabinets need to be emptied in order for the painters to move them out of the office.

My office lights aren’t working?

Before you contact Facilities please activate the control switch. Offices with occupancy sensors still have a switch (button) that can be pushed to turn the lights on and off. Sometimes these switches get pushed by accident which causes the lights to turn off and will need to be activated again.

My appliances aren’t working?

If you find that one or more of your appliances are not working, please check the power strip before contacting Facilities.

My lights are too bright or too dim??

Lights are installed according to industry and UVU standards, which includes the brightness of lights. Any requests for lights that fall outside of these standards must go through the proper approval channels. If you feel that lights are causing headaches or other medical issues, please work with Human Resources as it is required to submit a signed statement by a Utah licensed physician verifying that the medical related condition requires facility alterations and what alterations are recommended.

I’ve locked my keys in my office or I forgot my keys. What do I do?

If it’s during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 7:00 am – 5:30 pm) please contact Facilities. If it is outside of these hours, please contact UVU Police at 801-863-5555. If the Police have to call out a Campus Services personnel, your department will cover the cost.

Who does office signs?

Contact UVU Specialty Printing at 801-863-6853

How do I acquire keys I need for work?

Please submit a “Key Request” form at: https://www.uvu.edu/facilities/electronic-forms/index.html