The arboriculture team and Tree Care Plan are led and managed by Kevin Hock, a certified and licensed Arborist who is responsible for over 4,000+ trees and shrubs strategically placed throughout campus. Each year hundreds of trees are scheduled for pruning, removal and replacement, injections (for bugs, fungi, disease etc.), and general fertilizing to keep our urban canopy healthy and strong. To learn more or have tree questions feel free to reach out to him.

Our Work

  • Pruning
  • Removing
  • Watering
  • Fertilizing
  • Staking

Arbor Day

UVU celebrates Arbor Day; 'Tree Campus' Designation

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Trees with purple blossoms.

Trees on UVU campus.

Trees with white blossoms.

Tree Care Plan

The purpose of Utah Valley University’s Tree Care Plan is to provide guidance to the maintenance and care of the universities urban canopy. It is designed to provide a beautiful, safe and clean environment that is conducive to learning. Improve our campus urban forest by completing our tree care objectives.

These objectives include:

  • Increasing the campuses urban canopy
  • Protecting mature and high-value trees
  • Develop a program for the removal of diseased and damaged trees and the replacement of those trees
  • Promote diversity by selecting trees that are native or adapted to our environment
  • Get the universities community involved in the value of the campuses urban forest
  • Promote safety by evaluating and improving trees by utilizing best management practices for their maintenance


View the UVU Tree Care Plan