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Campus Services may at times, be contracted by departments for minor facilities modifications and projects. These include minor remodels and small projects designed to improve, repair, or enhance existing campus work environments or systems.

To submit a service request, fill out the form found in the link below:

Service Request Form


Departments requesting facilities modifications must first submit a “Facilities Modification” form which can be found at:

Facilities Modification Form Access

The "Facilities Modification Request" form is filled out by the person requesting the modification. It is then turned in to Facilities for processing and will be reviewed by the Executive Infrastructure and Planning Committee for approval. Once approved, a UVU Project Manager will be assigned to the project who will coordinate with the Director of Campus Services to verify if Campus Services Project Team has the time and resources to carry out the project. Projects will be taken on by the Campus Services Project Team as it meets the needs of their schedule. Please understand that priorities change and emergencies arise which may delay in the completion of projects that are carried out by Campus Services.

Image of a measuring tape, hard hat, hammer, nails, and a construction plan

Costs & Billing

The Campus Services departments are State funded to maintain and operate campus facilities as originally constructed and will perform routine maintenance at their own expense. The Campus Services Project Team may provide work beyond the scope of routine maintenance at the expense of the requesting department and pending UVU Executive Infrastructure and Planning Committee approval.

Campus Services charges for all labor and materials used to carry out projects.

Current fee rates can be found on the annual Facilities recharge rate schedule at:


Fee Rates

Request for work

Equipment Maintenance

Campus Services is funded to maintain equipment that is part of the building system and was originally purchased with state funds. Dedicated equipment purchased by a department is maintained at the department’s expense. When assigned to a new space, occupants should ask if there is dedicated equipment in the space that they will inherit from the previous occupants.

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