What We Do

The Lock shop installs and maintains doors and associated hardware, access control systems, the campus master key system, and thousands of alarm points across campus. All access systems are monitored by the Lock shop as well as UVU Police. For after-hours lockouts (5:30 pm to 6:00 am) contact the UVU Police Department at 801-863-5555



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Costs & Billing

The Lock Shop is state funded to maintain facilities as originally constructed and will perform routine maintenance at their own expense. Locksmiths may provide work beyond the scope of these duties at the expense of the requesting department and pending approval.

Campus Services bills monthly for services performed through Service Requests and for any work orders that were completed for requests outside of State funded services.


NOTE:A Service Request form must be submitted for all work that is considered a billable service.


Fee Rates

Request for work

State Funded Services

*Examples include but not limited to

  • Repair and replacement of architectural door hardware: standard locksets, key cylinders, closers, door operators, and panic devices
  • Installation and maintenance of Electronic Access Control systems for non-dedicated exterior and public spaces
  • Door alarm installation and maintenance in public spaces
  • Door maintenance
  • Door closers
  • Door stops in public spaces

Billable Services

*Examples include but not limited to

  • Combination lock installation to dedicated departmental space or program
  • Electronic access control installation to dedicated departmental space or program
  • Key fabrication
  • Lock re-keying, installation
  • Window, cabinet, file, and desk locks
  • Unlocking cabinets, desks, and other departmental accessories
  • Repair/replacement of locks on interior office doors due to frequent reported misuse
  • Opening doors due to occupant forgetting or losing key

Electronic Proximity Access

The Lock Shop manages the database that controls access through proximity cards; access is granted with the approval of the appropriate department head/director and the Associate Vice President of Facilities


Keys and Proximity Cards Policy

Key/Proximity Request

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