Introduction to the Master Plan

As Utah Valley University continues to grow and expand, it is positioning itself to establish the necessary physical environment to meet its academic mission in Utah County. Since 2016, under the leadership of President Holland, Utah Valley University has pursued a strategic planning process to refine the University’s mission, arriving at a framework for academic planning that reflects the University’s roles regionally. This strategic process laid the ground work for the Campus Master Plan effort that is articulated herein.

In 2014, UVU acquired an additional 125 acres at the Vineyard site. This property acquisition provides opportunities for campus expansion and development. As such, it precipitated the need to revise the 2010 Building Master Plan to create a comprehensive plan that addresses the growth and development of Utah Valley University’s Main Campus, West/Health Campus, and Vineyard Campus in an integrated and synergistic fashion. The formation of UVU’s Vineyard Campus allows the institution to address: rapid county population growth, landlocked existing campuses, emerging academic markets, advancing technological requirements, and limited funding streams, which affect all three campuses.

To frame an approach to long-term development, transportation planning, and community collaboration, UVU initiated the development of a Campus Master Plan for the UVU Main, West/Health, and Vineyard Campuses. The Master Plan is intended to assess and quantify the sites’ ability to accommodate physical development and provide a flexible plan to guide growth in a consistent and harmonious manner with the institutional mission. The plan is a framework that gives the University the flexibility to strategically manage physical growth, incentivize sustainable development, and optimize opportunities for institutional and business partnerships on campus.

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