Executive Committee

UVU President: Astrid Tuminez (ex oficio)

Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs: Wayne Vaught (ex oficio)

Senate President: Anne Arendt - 2 year term (AY2019-AY2021)

Senate Vice President: Jessica Hill - 2 year term (AY2019-AY2021)

Faculty Senate Standing Committee Chairs, 2020-2021:

Chair of Curriculum Committee: Evelyn Porter - 3 year term (AY2019-AY2022)

Chair of Service and Elections Committee:  Joy Cole - 1 year term (AY2020-AY2021)

Chair of Retention, Tenure, Promotion & Appeals Committee: Suzy Cox - 2.5 year term (AY2020-Fall AY2022)

Chair of Special Assignments & Investigations Committee: Sandie Waters - 1 year term (AY2020-AY2021)

Chair of Advancement of Teaching: Denise Richards - 3 year term (AY2019-AY2022)

Other Non-Voting Positions

Parliamentarian: Jon Anderson - 4 year term (AY2020-2024)

Policy Liaison: Alan Parry - 2 year term  (AY2019-AY2021)

Council on Academic Standards (CAS): Dianne McAdams-Jones - 3 year term (AY2020-AY2023)

Office of Teaching and Learning: Wendy Athens

Library: Karen Sturtevant