RTP Committees

Faculty play an important role in shared governance surrounding RTP at UVU by serving on department RTP committees, the Faculty Senate RTP & Appeals Committee, and the University Tenure Advisory Committee.

Department RTP Committees

Each department (or, in some cases, a cluster of departments or an entire college/school) has an RTP committee composed of tenured faculty. This committee is responsible for coordinating RTP processes for the department, including developing department RTP guidelines, procedures, and criteria; evaluating faculty peers for recommendation for retention, tenure, and promotion; and facilitating the training and mentoring of faculty in the department with regard to RTP.

The composition of the RTP committee is outlined in Policy 637 § 5.2 and Policy 632 § 5.8. RTP committees serve a 3-year term, and the chair is elected annually from among its members. RTP committee chairs for 2021-22 are listed below:


Department Name of Chair Email Address

Allied Health

Marianne Craven cravenma@uvu.edu 

Criminal Justice

Marcy Hehnly Marcy.Hehnly@uvu.edu 
Emergency Services Margaret Mittleman mittelma@uvu.edu
Nursing Marianne Craven cravenma@uvu.edu 
Physician Assistant Program Dianne McAdams-Jones Dianne.McAdams-Jones@uvu.edu
Public Health Sarah Hall Sarah.Hall@uvu.edu

COLLEGE OF Humanities & social science

Department Name of Chair Email Address
Behavioral Science Nathan Cottle NCottle@uvu.edu 
Communications Phil Gordon


English Language Learning Kevin Eyraud Kevin.Eyraud@uvu.edu 
English & Literature Nathan Gorelick


History Michael Goode


Integrated Studies Kim Abunuwara


Languages Jeff Packer


Literacites & Composition Thomas Henry Thomas.Henry@uvu.edu 
Philosophy & Humanities Chris Weigel


Political Science Geoffrey Cockerham



Department Name of Chair Email Address
Biology Michael Stevens


Chemistry Bruce Wilson


Developmental Math Roxanne Brinkerhoff MBrinkerhoff@uvu.edu  
Earth Science Dan Stephen


Exercise Science Betsy Lindley


Mathematics Christine Walker


Physics Paul Weber


COLLEGE OF Engineering & Technology

Department Name of Chair Email Address
Architecture & Engineering Design Dan Perry


Aviation Science Cory Chamberlain chambeco@uvu.edu 
Computer Science Reza Sanati


Construction Technologies Eric Linfield


Culinary Arts Todd Leonard


Digital Media Rodayne Esmay


Engineering Sean Tolman


Engineering Technology Dan Perry


Information Systems & Technology John Anderson


Technology Management Eric Linfield


Transportation Technologies Todd Leonard


School of Education

Department Name of Chair Email Address
Elementary Education Mia Kang


Secondary & Special Education Mia Kang


Student Learning & Success Studies Mike Jensen jensenmi@uvu.edu 

School of the Arts

Department Name of Chair Email Address
Art & Design Christopher Young CYoung@uvu.edu 
Dance Amy Markgraf Jacobson Amy.Markgraf@uvu.edu 
Music Hilary Demske Hilary.Demske@uvu.edu 
Theatrical Arts Lisa Hall LisaH@uvu.edu 

Woodbury School of Business

Department Name of Chair Email Address
Woodbury School of Business Jeff Peterson Jeff.Peterson@uvu.edu 

Faculty Senate RTP & Appeals Committee

The Faculty Senate Retention, Tenure, Promotion and Appeals Committee (RTP&A Committee) is a standing committee of Faculty Senate that encourages equity and rigor in department tenure criteria, promotes adherence to the policies of the University, considers appeals of tenure decisions, and advises on matters of tenure policy.

RTP & Appeals Committee Members

Name Term ends College/School Email Address
Suzy Cox, chair 2022 School of Education coxsu@uvu.edu 
Allison Swenson 2022 College of Health & Public Services Allison.Swenson@uvu.edu 
John Goshert 2024 College of Humanities & Social Sciences Gosherjo@uvu.edu 
Michael Bunds 2023 College of Science Michael.Bunds@uvu.edu 
Barry Hallsted 2022 College of Engineering & Technology hallstba@uvu.edu 
Lorilynn Brandt 2022 School of Education Lorilynn.Brandt@uvu.edu 
Monica Campbell 2023 School of the Arts Monica.Campbell@uvu.edu 
Roxanne Brinkerhoff 2024 College of Science MBrinkerhoff@uvu.edu 
Cenk Caliskan 2024 Woodbury School of Business Cenk.Caliskan@uvu.edu 

University Tenure Advisory Committee

The University Tenure Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) is a Faculty Senate committee charged with reviewing tenure candidates’ tenure review portfolios and advising the Provost on whether each portfolio satisfies department and university criteria for tenure review portfolios. The responsibilities of this committee are outlined in Policy 637: Faculty Tenure § 5.7.10.

University Tenure Advisory Committee Members

Name Term ends College/School Email Address
Marcy Hehnly 2024 College of Health & Public Services Marcy.Hehnly@uvu.edu 
Katie Bagley 2024 College of Health & Public Services Katie.Bagley@uvu.edu 
David Morin 2023 College of Humanities & Social Sciences David.Morin@uvu.edu 
Debjani Chakravarty 2024 College of Humanities & Social Sciences debjanic@uvu.edu 
Violeta Vasilevska 2022 College of Science


Ruhul Kuddus 2023 College of Science Ruhul.Kuddus@uvu.edu
Masood Amin 2023 College of Engineering & Technology aminma@uvu.edu 
Basil Hamdan 2024 College of Engineering & Technology Basil.Hamdan@uvu.edu  
Mia Kang 2023 School of Education Mia.Kang@uvu.edu 
    School of Education  
Howard Fullmer 2022 School of the Arts


Cheung Chau 2023 School of the Arts Cheung.Chau@uvu.edu
Clay Brown 2022 College of Science browncl@uvu.edu 
Lindsey Gerber 2023 College of Science Lindsey.Gerber@uvu.edu 
David McArthur 2022 Woodbury School of Business


Aaron Bartholomew 2024 Woodbury School of Business aaronb@uvu.edu