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What is a receivable?

A RECEIVABLE results when goods and/or services have been provided but payment has not yet been received. The function of the Accounts Receivable Department is to record these transactions and prepare invoices to individuals and businesses that owe money to the University. In order for a receivable to be recognized and accurately reported on the University's financial statements, the receivable must be posted to the Banner database by the Accounts Receivable Department. Inter-campus billings should be processed using a Journal Voucher Request.

How do I submit a billing request?

On-line Billing Requests: To submit an on-line billing request to an off-campus party, complete the following steps as soon as goods are sold or services have been provided:

  • Step 1-In myUVU on the Employee tab in the Services and Resources Menu under Forms, click the Accounts Receivable Billing Procedures and Forms link. This will take you to the Accounts Receivable Billing Forms page.
  • Step 2-If you are billing a business, click on the Business Billing Request Form link. If you are billing an individual, click on the Individual Billing Request Form link. These links will take you to the appropriate on-line forms.
  • Step 3-Complete the selected Billing Request Form. All billing requests must contain the following information:
    • A) Name of the company or person to be billed. If a business is being billed and would like invoices directed to a certain individual, include the individuals name in the ATTN field.
    • B) Current billing address: include apartment number or suite, both the street address and a P.O. Box, if available.
    • C) Phone number
    • D) Purchase Order Number. PO numbers are usually required by larger businesses. Ask the business/individual you are billing if one is required and, if so, reference the number and/or attach an electronic copy of the PO to your billing request in the Attach File field.
    • E) Description of services rendered. Be specific. Include all information that will help explain and clarify the reason for billing. Itemize amounts and include such information as dates, quantities, unit prices, etc.
    • F) Amount
    • G) Index code and ACC code (If desired, you may include your Detail Code in the Description of Services field.)
    • H) Requester contact information--Include name, department, extension, and date of request.
    • NOTE: An electronic copy of any pertinent documentation can be attached to the on-line Billing Request Form in the Attach File field before submitting.
  • Step 4-Click the Submit Form button at the bottom of the form to forward the form to the Accounts Receivable Department.

Hard-Copy Billing Requests: The simplest way to submit a Billing Request Form is through the on-line method above, but paper copies of the Billing Request Form will also be accepted through hand delivery to BA-108, inter-campus mail (in care of Accounts Receivable to mail stop 109), or by email to AR@uvu.edu

How is the payment collected?

Once a Billing Request Form is received by A/R, an official university invoice is prepared and sent to the customer. The Banner Index and Banner Account number listed on the Billing Request Form is credited at the time of invoicing for the amount invoiced, and A/R will track the invoice until it is paid in full to the Finance and Business Services Department.

If Accounts Receivable is unable to collect payment on an invoice, a memo will be sent to the invoice requester asking whether the invoice should be forwarded to the UVU Collections Office for further collecting or if the amount should be considered a loss. Respond quickly if you receive a memo like this. If it becomes necessary to forward an invoice to collections, the UVU Collections Office may ultimately choose to send it to an outside agency for further assistance in collecting the debt. At that time, the revenue that was posted to the Banner Index and Banner Account will be reversed.

NOTE: You can protect yourself from loss of revenue by having customers sign a contract for services rendered. A section of your contract should explain our collection procedures/policies and the charges that will apply if it becomes necessary to forward an invoice to an outside agency. The UVU Collections Manager can help with appropriate wording on your contract.

How do I track invoices?

Each month the Accounts Receivable Department sends out (by email) an updated Outstanding Invoice Listing to the responsible party on the Index. The purpose of this report is to keep you informed of the status of your billing requests. Please notify the Accounts Receivable Department if any changes should be made to the billing information (i.e., address changes, amount adjustments). In addition, please notify the Accounts Receivable Department if you are aware of any extenuating circumstances that may impact collection efforts.

What if I receive payment on an invoice?

It is very important if you receive payment within your department for an A/R invoice, you must forward it to Accounts Receivable, mail stop 109, to be applied to the invoice to reflect the invoice as "Paid" in the Accounts Receivable office. (This includes cash, check, or credit card payments.) Please do not send the payment through your department deposits.

Off-Campus Services

How do I request a W-9?

If you need an updated W-9 form, a PDF copy can be printed, or please submit a request by emailing AR@uvu.edu or by calling (801)863-8049 or (801)863-8961. Please provide your name, email address or fax number.

How do I pay a UVU invoice?

Our preferred method of payment is by check which references the invoice number to be paid. You may also pay at our Bursar's windows; if paying in person at the Bursar's window, please specify that you are paying an Accounts Receivable invoice and provide the invoice number.

How do I pay for good or services with a Purchase Order or Payment Authorization?

An authorization for payment can be submitted either by mail to our contact address or by fax to (801)863-8787. It will then be forwarded to the appropriate UVU department for verification of services.

How can I request an address change or update?

Please call the Accounts Receivable Department at (801)863-8049 or (801)863-8961 or email us at AR@uvu.edu. Include your name and telephone number so we can contact you with any questions.

What is our collection policy on invoices?

Payment is due 30 days after the date of invoice.