First-Year Advising Center

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We are committed to assisting students in building a foundation for success at Utah Valley University through engaged, inclusive, and holistic academic counseling.

1st Appointment

When: 1-2 months before registration opens for your first semester.

What: Welcome to UVU! Let’s get to know your major, and build a first semester schedule.

Why: Be prepared and confident heading into your first semester!

2nd Appointment

When: 1-3 weeks into your first semester.

What: First impressions – let's review your acclimation to campus and discuss strategies for success.

Why: Get to know Wolverine Track and what it can do for you. Review your integration to the UVU community and strategies for academic success.

3rd Appointment

When: 2-4 weeks before registration opens for the following semester.

What: This appointment is all about preparing for registration – let’s review and finalize your schedule for next semester!

Why: Be confident and prepared before registration begins.

4th Appointment (2nd semester)

When: 2-4 weeks before registration opens for your third semester.

What: This appointment is about the climb – make sure you’re building and maintaining your momentum.

Why: Recognize your successes and prepare for next steps.

Final Appointment

When: 2-6 weeks before the end of your final semester in the First-Year Advising Center.

What: In this appointment we will discuss your transition to your school or college advising center. Let’s take this time to review your first year at UVU, your successes, and your next opportunities.

Why: To ensure that you are prepared to make a successful transition to your new advising center, and that you know who your new advisor is.

To learn more about your first year of academic advising, view our first-year advising curriculum.

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