Frequently Asked Questions

First-Year Advising Center

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can find the contact information for, and schedule an appointment with, any of our counselors by visiting our First-Year Advisors page.

Do you take drop-in appointments?

The First-Year Advising Center offers quick (ten minutes or less) drop-in appointments for brief questions. If your question will require a more in-depth discussion, please schedule an appointment to meet with your assigned counselor.

Where is the First-Year Advising Center located?

Our office is in the Losee Center (LC) room 402. For help locating the LC, please view our campus map.

What does a first-year counselor do?

Your first-year counselor is here to serve as a resource for you as you make your transition to UVU. We can assist you with any questions or concerns that you may come across and will help you navigate your UVU experience during your first year. We can help with course planning and registration and are also able to connect you to other campus resources to make sure you have everything you need to be successful at UVU.

Who does the First-Year Advising Center serve?

The First-Year Advising Center serves students with fewer than thirty credits, students who have not yet completed their English and Math General Education requirements, and students declared in a University Studies associate degree.


How do I complete my math placement?

Before you can take a math class you will need a math placement score. If you have an ACT score less than two years old, it may be used for placement. If not, you will need to take a math placement test using ALEKS, which is our math preparation and placement program. You can learn more about ALEKS and what it can do for you by visiting our Math Success page . You may also view our ALEKS account step-by-step guide.

How do I complete my English placement?

Your ACT score or your transfer credit will determine which English class is right for you. If you don’t have transfer credit or an ACT score, or if your ACT score is more than five years old, you will need to take UVU’s Writing Placement Quiz. 

Why do I have a hold, and how can I remove it?

There are several reasons a student may receive a registration hold, and there are some holds that can only be released by certain offices on campus. You can view your holds, and how to remove them, on the Students tab in myUVU. Simply select “Registration” in your enrollment dashboard and you will see the information regarding any holds currently placed on your account. If you are unsure where to begin, please contact your first-year counselor and they can help identify any necessary steps for the removal of your hold(s). 

Where do I find add/drop dates, payment deadlines, etc.?

You can view semester timetables to find all dates and deadlines associated with a given semester. 

What is a waitlist? Can you tell me more about them?

The waitlist provides the option to “get in line” for a space in a class that is already full. You can select this option while registering for classes. When a seat becomes available for you, you will receive an email or text message alerting you to the opening, and at that point you will have 24 hours to register for the course. For additional information, view our waitlist guide.

How will my courses transfer?

UVU maintains a transfer articulation database, where you can see how courses have transferred to UVU in the past. You can find the database here. While this database is not a guarantee, it can give you an idea of how your classes may transfer to UVU. If a course has never been transferred to UVU, it will not be listed in the database. Ultimately you will need to send official transcripts from your previous institution(s) to UVU – you can find more information about that process on our Transfer Credit website.

I live out of the area, what are my options for meeting with an advisor and/or registering for classes?


Students are welcome to submit a Student Information Release Authorization form, which will allow a designated individual to act on your behalf while you are away, including meeting with your advisor and registering you for classes.

We also have online advising appointments available, so no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection we can have a video advising appointment to help guide you through the admission and registration process - feel free to schedule an appointment!

What is a hybrid course?

A  hybrid course is a course that is taught both in-person in a classroom, and online. The technology-delivered components include teaching and learning activities and reduce the time traditionally spent in the face-to-face class.

UVU Resources

What is academic standing?

Academic standing is your academic performance, as determined by your grade point average (GPA). You can learn more about academic standing, any holds that may be placed on your account based on your academic standing, and how to remove those holds, by visiting the Academic Standards website.

What resources are available to assist with my mental or physical health?

Student Health Services is available to assist students with their mental and/or physical health, and is a great resource to be aware of. They state “We have low cost and available service for UVU students in the areas of medical and psychiatric care, psychological services, learning disability assessment services, and suicide awareness and prevention. We offer life and health enhancing services that increase safety, productivity and life experience of the individual and campus.” You can view the Student Health Services website for more information, or you can reach them in SC-221, or at (801) 863-8876. 

Where can I find Accessibility Services?

Students who need accommodations because of a disability may contact the UVU Office of Accessibility Services (OAS), located on the Orem Campus in LC 312. To schedule an appointment or to speak with a counselor, call the OAS office at 801-863-8747. Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals, email hemmingsen@uvu.eduor text 385-208-2677. Please visit the Accessibility Services website for more information.

I am a parent of a UVU student, what resources are available to me?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects a student’s education records and information from unauthorized disclosure. This means we will be unable to discuss your child’s educational records with you unless they have given us permission to do so. Students who wish to allow their parents access to their student records, including payments, registration, grades, and/or financial aid information, can submit a hard copy of the Student Information Release Authorization form to the Registrar’s Office, or file an electronic copy of the form through myUVUFor additional information that you may find helpful, please visit our UVU Parents website.

Campus Resources  for COVID-19 modified operation

 While UVU is operating under modified conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and classes have been moved online, we recognize that the student experience has changed. Here are a few resources we want you to be aware of as you navigate these changes:

1. UVU's various tutoring services are still offering free tutoring. These services have been moved entirely online, but are still available to you. For more information visit the Math Lab website, the Academic Tutoring website, or the Writing Center website.

2. Please be aware that you have access to 24/7 Canvas support. Please take advantage of this support to take care of any needs that you may experience during your transition to online classes. For more information, visit our Canvas support website.

3. For questions or concerns about your classes and the transition to online education, email

4. For general student questions, or questions related to well-being, campus services, etc. email



How do I apply for financial aid and/or scholarships? 

To apply for financial aid and/or scholarships, please visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships website. Once you have applied for financial aid, please check your myUVU emails and the financial aid menu within myUVU to see if there are any requirements that you need to complete to receive your reward. 

How do I apply for residency? 

Please visit the Admissions Office website for more information regarding the residency application process. You can also contact the Admissions Office at (801) 863-8706, or for more information.