Wildlife and Land Conservation Fellowship for UVU Faculty

The Herbert Institute Research Fellowship, offered through the Gary R. Herbert Institute for Public Policy at Utah Valley University, works to promote impactful faculty and student public policy research. This fellowship provides an opportunity for UVU faculty members to engage in a collaborative research project that addresses critical public policy issues in the state of Utah.

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Fellowship Information

Historical Overview of Wildlife Conservation in the State of Utah

This work delves into the wildlife management initiatives in the state of Utah since its inception as a state. The study is divided into chronological sections, each highlighting critical phases in Utah's conservation efforts. It explores how the state has evolved its wildlife management strategies, incorporating scientific and professional insight. Notably, the paper evaluates the proactive measures adopted by both state and federal authorities, encompassing funding and legislative endeavors aimed at restoring wildlife populations and land across Utah.

A key highlight of this research is Utah's unique approach to wildlife and land management—championing private/public partnerships. The paper explains the collaborative efforts between various stakeholders, including government agencies, conservation organizations, and local communities, in achieving conservation goals. This emphasis on partnerships sets Utah apart as a pioneer in innovative conservation methodologies.

Furthermore, the study overviews the economic impact of hunting in Utah. By analyzing hunting's contribution to the state's economy, the paper underscores the significance of hunting practices in funding conservation efforts. This economic perspective adds depth to the overall understanding of wildlife management in Utah.

This paper presents a comprehensive and insightful overview of Utah's wildlife management journey, providing valuable lessons and knowledge for policymakers, stakeholders, and the public in wildlife preservation efforts not only in Utah but also in other regions facing similar challenges.

June 2023

Mike Erickson - Student Director, Research Assistant

Cade Bloomer - Research Assistant

Utah Conservation of Wildlife Paper


Generational Drought and its Impact on Utah's Mule Deer Population

This paper analyzes the relation of urbanization of mule deer habitat and drought conditions in Utah. It also looks at the efforts made in the state to alleviate a 30-year decline in the mule deer population.

January 2023

Steven M. Sylvester, Ph.D. - Research Director

Mike Erickson - Student Director, Research Assistant

Cade Bloomer - Research Assistant

Matthew Petersen - Research Assistant

McKay Brooks - Research Assistant

Generational Drought's Impact on Mule Deer