American Studies

American Studies

Mission Statement

The American Studies program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of American cultures. Through examination of historical, religious and literary texts, political institutions, popular culture, film, art, and the physical landscape, students will explore how Americans create meaning in their lives and make sense of the world in which they live. By encouraging students to approach the knowledge and skills they are mastering as part of their major from the perspective of other disciplines, American Studies courses foster deeper critical thinking and broader contextualization.


Minor in American Studies

Program Coordinator

Phil Gordon


John MacFarlane
CB 506W

Minor & Integrated Studies Emphasis Available

Currently, UVU offers American Studies as either a minor or an Integrated Studies (IS) emphasis. 
The degree requirements for these programs are listed below.

Matriculation Requirements

1) Completion of 30 hours of credit at UVU.
2a) For the minor, admittance into any UVU B.S. or B.A. program.
2b) For the IS emphasis, Admittance into Integrated Studies B.S. or B.A. program.

Discipline Core Requirements (9 credits)
Complete the following courses:

AMST 2000
Introduction to American Studies (3)

Topics in American Studies (3)

2nd Topics Course in American Studies (3)

Elective Requirements (9 credits)
In addition to the 9 credit discipline core, students must complete an additional 9 hours of advisor-approved electives. Elective courses should reflect a specific topical or thematic focus.