American Studies Minor

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Mission Statement

The American Studies program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of American cultures. Through examination of historical, religious and literary texts, political institutions, popular culture, film, art, and the physical landscape, students will explore how Americans create meaning in their lives and make sense of the world in which they live. By encouraging students to approach the knowledge and skills they are mastering as part of their major from the perspective of other disciplines, American Studies courses foster deeper critical thinking and broader contextualization.


Minor in American Studies

Program Coordinator

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Minor in American Studies

Matriculation Requirements:

  1. Completion of 30 hours of credit  at UVU.
  2. Admitted to a bachelor degree program at UVU.

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Overall grade point average of 2.0 (C) or above.
  2. Residency hours--minimum of 12 credit hours through course attendance at UVU.

Total Credits in Minor: 18

Discipline Core Requirements (6 credits)

AMST 2000
Introduction to American Studies (3)

Topics in American Studies (3)

Elective Requirements (12 credits)

Complete twelve hours from the following list of electives.

Indians of Utah (3)  
Precolumbian America (3)  
Indians of the Great Plains (3)  
Indians of the Southwest (3)  
The Struggle for Self-determination American Indians 1891 to present (3)  
Language and Culture (3)  
Contemporary Issues in American Culture (3)  
Anthropology of Mormonism (3)  
Discourse Semiotics and Representation (3)  
History of American Art and Architecture (3)  
Propaganda and Persuasion (3)  
Communicating in Environments (3)  
Free Expression in a Democratic Society (3)  
Mormons Media and Culture (3)  
Race Class and Gender in U S Cinema (3)  
Constitutional History to Plessy 1896 (3)  
Constitutional History Since Plessy 1896 (3)  
Framing of the US Constitution (3)  
Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (3)  
US Economic Development and History (3)  
Foundations of American Education (2)  
Foundations of American Education (2)  
Introduction to Folklore (3)  
American Literature before 1865 (3)  
American Literature after 1865 (3)  
Early American Literature (3)  
Literature of the American Renaissance (3)  
Modern American Literature (3)  
Contemporary American Literature (3)  
Literature by Women (3)  
Mormon Literature (3)  
Studies in the American Novel (3)  
Multi-ethnic Literature in America (3)  
Environmental Law (3)  
Environmental Policy (3)  
Cartography (3)  
Environmental History of the United States (3)  
Women in American History to 1870 (3)  
Women in American History since 1870 (3)  
History of the American West to 1850 (3)  
History of the American West since 1850 (3)  
History of Utah (3)  
Issues and Topics in American History (3)  
American Origins to 1790 (3)  
US. History-Early Republic through the Progressive Era (3)  
U.S. History-Progressive Era to the 21st Century (3)  
American Revolution (3)  
Environmental History of the United States (3)  
Legacies and Reckonings in the American West (3)  
Special Issues and Topics in American History (3)  
Humanities Through the Arts (3)  
Approaches to Humanities WE (3)  
Language and Culture (3)  
Philosophical Issues in Feminism (3)  
Pragmatism and American Philosophy (3)  
Environmental Ethics (3)  
Social and Political Philosophy (3)  
US Presidency (3)  
US Congress (3)  
American Foreign Policy (3)  
Psychology of Gender (3)  
Natural Resource Interpretation (3)  
Sociology of Gender (3)  
Race and Minority Relations (3)  
Sociology of Education (3)  
Political Sociology (3)  
Social Change (3)