History Degrees

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UVU's history degrees promote global awareness, engagement, and informed citizenship while developing students’ skills in critical thinking, writing, and oral expression. History majors observe the human experience by investigating the diverse historical perspectives of the past and present. History faculty endeavor to teach in ways that foster independent thinking, engage students with historical conversations and debates, and improve students' ability to communicate in a variety of media. Students who successfully complete our programs will have a valuable set of skills for further study in graduate and professional programs and for careers in public service or private enterprise.

BA in History

BS in History & Social Studies Education

Political Science Degrees (BA, BS)

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Political Science enjoys a central position among the social sciences. Aristotle characterized politics as the “queen of the sciences.” It is a broad discipline that encompasses philosophical, historical and analytical studies of government, politics and policies. Political Science majors learn the concepts, theories and methods associated with the discipline, as well as gain cognitive and presentational skills required of tomorrow’s leaders, both in the public and private sectors. 

American Government (BA, BS)

Global Politics (BA, BS)

Indian Affairs Administration

Peace & Justice Studies

Public Administration & Policy (BA, BS)

Public Law & Political Phil. (BA, BS)

Minor Programs

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Do you need to gain more expertise in an area related to your major to prepare for an advanced degree or work in a professional field? Minors are made up of upper-division classes that give you a focused, in-depth education aligning with your plans for the future. 

Minor in American Indian Studies (18 credits)

Minor in American Studies (21 credits)

Minor in History (21 credits)

Minor in Chinese Commerce (22 credits)

Minor in Constitutional Studies (21 credits)

Minor in Peace & Justice Studies (21 credits)

Minor in Political Science (21 credits)