Constitutional Studies

Statue of Liberty

Mission Statement

Students minoring in Constitutional Studies develop a deeper understanding of the found of the U.S. Constitution, its key principles, how its interpretation and application affect the operation of the United States government as well as day-to-day life. This is an ideal minor for those considering a career path that includes attending law school along with those who want a better understanding o f important constitutional issues of our time.

Program Coordinator

Rick Griffin


Minor in Constitutional Studies

Minor Requirements

Core Requirements (12 credits)

CNST 4720 Foundations of American Constitutionalism

CNST 4790 US Constitution

CNST 4795 Civil Rights & Civil Liberties

POLS 3250 Introduction to Law & Politics

Elective Requirements (9 credits)

POLS 1020 Political Ideologies (3.0)

POLS 3300 Introduction to Public Administration (3.0)

POLS 4610 International Law (3.0)

ECON 4500 US Economic Development and History (3.0)

CNST 3870 Constitutional History to Plessy 1896 (3.0)

CNST3880 Constitutional History since Plessy 1896 (3.0)

HIST 3320 Modern Britain (3.0)

LEGL 4190 Constitutional Law (3.0)

CJ 4160 Constitutional Criminal Rights (3.0)

CNST 4730 Framing of the US Constitution (3.0)

CNST 2600 Comparative Constitutionalism (3.0)

or any other Coordinator or Chair approved courses.