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Previous Events of 2022-2023 Academic Year

Science vs Hollywood

Hidden Figures
Discuss what is Science Fact and what is Science Fiction, what is real and what is embellished.
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Women to Women Mentoring

women to women mentoring
Students who attended received small group mentorship from women who are leaders in their industries with a focus on the transition from college to careers and how to navigate being a woman within those industries.
Keynote speaker Trina Limpert, CEO & Founder of RizeNext Corporation
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Special Edition FOI

Support UVU Women
Workshop about the issues women at UVU face, how to better support them, and how we can make UVU a better place for everyone. 
Learn about microaggressions against women, allyship and advocacy, and shifting into microaffirmations.
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International Mother Language Day

Hanging Flags
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MLK Commemoration Week

MLK Event Header
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Wolverine Storytelling

Wolverine Storytelling

Students met one-on-one with a featured Wolverine and learn what it takes to become a groundbreaking Wolverines who have accomplished incredible things and learn new things and gain new perspectives. 

Keynote speaker Adrienne Andrews, VP for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Weber State University. 

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