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Prayer Pose


A guiding life philosophy, which may be based on a particular religious tradition, spiritual orientation, non-religious perspective, or some combination of these. The foundational outlook you have on life that helps you make sense of the world around you.

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  • “Inter” refers to the relationships between people who orient around religion differently.
  • “Faith” is defined as the relationship between an individual and what we commonly understand as a religious or philosophical tradition.
  • Put together, "interfaith” is about how our interactions with those who are different impacts the way we relate to our religious and ethical traditions, and how our relationships with our traditions impact our interactions with those who are different from us.
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A world where people of differing religions and worldviews can live and work together in peace while maintaining their distinctiveness. The positive engagement of worldview diversity to a positive end:

  1. Respect for different identities
  2. Relationships between diverse communities
  3. Commitment to the common good
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Foundations of Inclusion

There are three different Foundations of Inclusion workshops sponsored by the Reflection Center and the Center for the Study of Ethics Interreligious Engagement Initiative.

Foundations of Inclusion
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Community Partners

UVU has developed partnerships with local organizations that cultivate understanding across religious boundaries and which further the engagement mission of the university.

Community Partners
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Reflection Center

Utah Valley University hosts conferences, lectures, and workshops related to the study and practice of interreligious understanding.

Reflection Center
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Religious Studies

A place for Meditation, Prayer, Reflection, or other forms of individual religious expression including opportunities for interreligious dialogue, wellness education, and spiritual practice.

Religious Studies
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Interfaith Student Council

The Interfaith Student Council supports and facilitates activities for students from a variety of backgrounds and faith traditions.

Interfaith Student Council

Interfaith Events