The Interreligious, Interfaith, and Worldview workshop has three levels

Level 1

This will explore religious and worldview diversity at UVU. Participants will learn about changing demographics, leadership practices for engaging religion on higher education campuses, and how religious and spiritual diversity can better connect to the educational experience.

Level 2

Our time together in this workshop designed to open a wider conversation about worldview diversity in faculty and staff work with students and introduce them to the experience of interfaith relationship building and identify the connection between social capital and pluralism. Our goal is to understand why talking about worldview matters including their own, and that we have existing interpersonal skills to call upon to be able to do so.

Level 3

We’ve established that engaging worldview differences is important t build religious pluralism. We open a conversation about understanding personal bias, how it affects our work, and how we can begin to counteract personal bias and utilize the skills of pluralism which encourages the civic goods of interfaith engagement. In this workshop, we explore the questions, "What is happening on our campus now demonstrating the need for these civic goods?", "What is the religious narrative of our campus speaking to why this work is important at UVU?", and "How are we accomplishing or going about accomplishing keeping "Inclusive" as a core university theme?