Learning Opportunities

UVU Data Academy

To help meet the growing demands for data across the university, Institutional Research is pleased to announce the launch of the UVU Data Academy. The purpose of this academy is to help UVU staff and faculty develop a wide variety of data-related skills depending on their particular areas of need.

Course Description

Four tracks are available:

  • The Data Basics track helps people learn what data is available now, what it means, how to use it, and how to communicate data with others.
  • The Data Collection Specialist develops skills in gathering data through the use of surveys, programming Qualtrics, conducting focus groups, etc.
  • The Database Specialist helps people understand how UVU data is organized, gets access to curated data sets, and develops skills in using Tableau to explore the data.
  • The Data Wizard track is for people who want to complete all the above.


Due to COVID-19, the Data Academy will look different in the future than it did in Fall 2019. We are currently in the process of changing our live content to virtual; we hope to have updated information about the new format on this page by the end of May 2021.