Other Research

Other Research

Mental Health Surveys

Spring 2021 National College Health Assessment

Fall 2020 Healthy Minds Survey

Economic Impact Study



Community Survey



Employer Survey




Student Opinion Gatherings

Topics in 2019

First Generation Student Experience; Student Awareness; School Pride/School Spirit; UVU Emergency Management Awareness; Online Student Experience; Campus Safety; Working Adults and Evening Student Needs

Topics in 2018

Parking Issues; General Education Courses; Structured Enrollment and Associate's Degrees; Associate's Degrees and Financial Aid; Library Use; Presidential Transition Perceptions and Expectations; Financial Aid, Application Process, Registration (Opinions on New Programs and Websites); Prospective Student Services Marketing Materials

Topics in 2017

Core Themes (Inclusion, Engagement, Serious, and Student Success); UVU Motto (Phrases and Key Words); Survey Responses (What Motivates Students to Take Surveys)


Campus Climate Survey 2022 - Report

Campus Climate Survey 2016 - Executive Summary


Student Registration and Outcomes - Fall 2022