Jared Savage, IS Alumnus - Business Intelligence 2014

Software Developer, LDS Church

How has your degree from UVU helped you in your current position?

"Information Systems was a very well-balanced major to earn a degree in. I have seen specific benefits in several areas from learning about information systems, business communications, software development, business intelligence, accounting, and many more. The knowledge I have gained from studying for my degree at UVU was a significant influence in helping me get the job I have now."

Industry view of UVU graduates

"The information systems department has a great reputation at UVU. My experience in the department as well as the perspective my manager and others I have spoken to about UVU has been positive. My manager has hired many interns from many schools. He has noticed a trend that the UVU IS&T interns have been hard workers who don't need close supervision as compared to interns coming from other schools."

Advice for new students

"Find a job in the profession you are studying in while you are still studying. There were countless times when I would learn a topic in class and could visualize how I would apply that topic in my job; on the other side, I would be in class and could more easily understand topics because I had seen them in action in the industry."