Spencer Brown, IS Alumnus - Business Intelligence 2016

Information Security Specialist General Motors, Detroit

How has your degree from UVU helped you in your current position?

"Currently, I work at General Motors in Cyber Security. My degree in Information Systems has helped me gain the education needed to enter in as a new college graduate in a large fortune 50 company. At UVU, I was not just prepared academically, I was prepared with the needed skills to network, be professional, and stand as a leader. "

Industry view of UVU graduates

"Those who know of UVU know it to be an engaged learning environment. One of the most outstanding standards that UVU holds are its’ small class sizes. When I have talked amongst co-workers many of them have been impressed and surprised with the professional and caring relationships the professors at UVU with their students. I have found it to be a rare factor that most universities do not have in common with UVU."

Advice for new students

"Take the time necessary to figure out what you want to be most skilled at, and then pick your major and emphasis based on that. I feel that if I had thought more in depth about my emphasis, I would have chosen to emphasize in Information Security. It is easy to feel rushed to pick a major/emphasis, but it is more important to learn something you love rather than make a quick decision."

"Internship, internship, internship. Although the courses are relevant, internships provide great opportunities to apply and learn more skills in a real environment. They help you become confident in the workplace, help get other jobs, and provide good money."

"I completed four internships prior to graduation which gave me a great resume and how to navigate in the corporate world."