Business & Marketing Education

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The business and marketing education curriculum prepares students to teach business, marketing, and information technology in secondary schools. Students interested in teaching can pursue a B.S. in BMED and a secondary teaching license through a joint program offered by the Department of IS&T and the School of Education.
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Envision yourself as a security analyst, ethical hacker, threat hunter, incident responder, forensics investigator, or even a malware reverse engineer, and join this cutting-edge program to position yourself at the forefront of this high-demand, high-reward industry.
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Information Management

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Information management is an emerging field that is concerned with the infrastructure used to collect, manage, preserve, store, and deliver information. Information management teaches the guiding principles that allow information to be available to the right people at the right time.
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Information Systems

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Information systems professionals are needed in every industry to solve problems using computing solutions in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment, any many more. IS careers include information architects, consultants, developers, auditors, analysts, and programmers.
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Information Technology

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Every organization uses some form of information technology to perform its operations. The core of the program prepares students to have a strong foundation in computer architecture, data communication, cloud computing, IT project management, information security, networks, and system administration.
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Master of Science in Cybersecurity

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This dynamic, two-year, part-time program offers required courses in the areas of cybersecurity operations, law, ethics, and privacy in cybersecurity, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, advanced network defense and countermeasures, and cybersecurity risk management.
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