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Information management is an emerging field that is concerned with the infrastructure used to collect, manage, preserve, store, and deliver information. Information management teaches the guiding principles that allow information to be available to the right people at the right time.

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B.S. in Information Management

120 Credits to Graduate

The Bachelor of Science in Information Management is designed to prepare students to supervise and manage the operations and personnel of business offices.

Stack Your Degrees and Earn An Associate

The Department of IS&T offers several Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science degrees that students can start with to build a core in IS&T basics. Build off of an Associate of Science degree into a bachelor's, or jump straight into the workforce after earning an Associate of Applied Science.

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A.S. in Administrative Information Management

60 Credits to Graduate

Basic computer applications, written business communication, and accounting.

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A.A.S. in Administrative Information Support

63 Credits to Graduate

For students seeking to develop their skills in office administration and office systems.

Looking to Supplement Your Bachelor's Degree?

The information management program has several certificates available for students to develop their skills and knowledge in basic computer applications, written business communication, and financial accounting.

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Administrative Support, Certificate of Completion

30 Credits to Graduate

Word processing, presentations, graphics, and spreadsheet applications.

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Administrative Support, Certificate of Proficiency

19 Credits to Graduate

Database applications, communication skills, office procedures, and basic accounting.


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“Our education wasn’t just about learning from textbooks; it was about applying what we learned in practical settings.”

“The comprehensive curriculum at UVU, particularly in data analysis, market research, and strategic planning, equipped me with the analytical skills necessary to interpret complex data sets and translate them into actionable insights. Courses in business communication and project management have enhanced my ability to convey findings effectively to stakeholders and lead projects with efficiency. In the business world, the caliber of UVU graduates is something that's consistently talked about and respected. From my own journey and observations, it's clear that we, as UVU alumni, bring a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to the table.”

Matthew Allen, Information Management Alum

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"Information Management professionals are in high demand everywhere."

"The Bachelor of Science in Information Management prepares you to supervise and manage the operations and personnel of business offices. Courses include instruction in employee supervision, budgeting, scheduling and coordination, office systems operation and maintenance, records management, public relations, project management, accounting, decision-making, and human resources. The Bachelor of Science in Information Management degree is designed to stack on the administrative support certificate and the administrative information management A.S. and information support A.A.S. degrees."

Cynthia Krebs, IM Program Director

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