Students who study ASL will find increased employability in a range of professions. Deaf Studies provides students with a historical, cultural, and linguistic foundation. From this foundation students are prepared to become certified interpreters, to become ASL and Deaf Studies teachers, to pursue graduate work in deaf education and a variety of other disciplines, and to engage in any number of professional fields related to deafness.


Deaf Studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws on work from a variety of academic disciplines including anthropology, history, linguistics, interpretation and translation, education, psychology, sociology, public administration, political science, social work, philosophy, ethics, art, literature, and American Sign Language (ASL) instruction. Students will examine elements of what culturally- Deaf people in America have traditionally called "the Deaf-World" with special attention to the framework of meaning from within which culturally-Deaf people interpret what it means to be Deaf. The interdisciplinary nature of Deaf Studies courses challenges students to approach cultural descriptions critically. The Deaf Studies minor offers students a strong complement to a wide variety of majors. Students who earn this minor will find increased employability in a range of professions. The minor in Deaf Studies provides students with a historical, cultural, and linguistic foundation. 




Tanner Vance

Graduation Year:2021
Degree:Deaf Studies Interpreting

“My engagement in the UVU Deaf Studies—Interpreting program catalyzed my emergence as a practitioner and catapulted me into my interpreting career! With spectacular on-campus resources, faculty invested in student growth, courses dedicated to theoretical and practical development, and foundational networks for professional success, UVU is the place to be if you want to become certification-ready while earning your 4-year degree.”

Catie Brush

Graduation Year:2017
Degree:Deaf Studies General & Interpreting

“Without taking the courses in Deaf Studies - Interpreting I would not be able to advance in my career or my interpreting certification. Also while at UVU I was able to network with all of my colleagues and know what is happening within the Interpreting community. While in my General Deaf Studies courses, I was able to gain a greater understanding and admiration for the Deaf Community. This is the perfect major for anyone who wants to know how to become a true advocate for the Deaf Community and other marginalized communities.”

Callie Bowen

Graduation Year:2011
Degree:Deaf Studies General

“The Deaf Studies program was fascinating! It broadened my opinions and knowledge on much more than the Deaf community. I was equipped with what I needed to jump start my career in interpreting! I learned so much about Deaf culture and it's really helped my interpretation in the following years.”


How do I request an interpreter?

  • If you are affiliated with UVU (i.e. students), contact Sarah Johnson for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Interpreting Services. She is available by email, phone or text. 
  • If you are not affiliated with UVU, reach out to a local interpreting agency. Here is a list of some local agencies.

How do I declare Deaf Studies as my major or minor?

Meet with our academic advisor

How can I get involved in the Deaf community as a student in the Deaf Studies program?

Get involved in the Deaf community by attending events and activities, volunteering with Deaf organizations, practicing ASL with native users. You can also join us on social media. 

Which ASL class should I start with?

Contact Dr. Michael Ballard at [email protected].

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