STEP 1: Apply to UVU

Become a UVU student. Applying to UVU as a Concurrent Enrollment student starts with completing the Concurrent Enrollment Participation Form.


To Apply Click Below

Public and Charter School Admission Process








STEP 2: Register for classes

Enroll in your courses. Fall and Spring courses are registered every semester. Full year courses are registered once at the beginning of the school year.


STEP 3: Pay Tuition

Explore payment options. Fall and Spring course tuition is paid each semester. Full year course tuition is paid once at the beginning of the school year.

Payment for Fall 2023 Tuition is not available until July 1, 2023


Utah Valley University Concurrent Enrollment is an academic program that partners with and serves high schools and communities. It provides access to, preparation for, and higher education experience. Our program offers an entire dimension of courses to a wide variety of students.

Our goal is to offer every student the opportunity to have an authentic college experience while in high school.

Admission Fee of $35.00
Partial Tuition of $5.00 per credit hour

Explore Your Future

Concurrent Enrollment is an educational partnership between high schools in our service region and UVU. After a high school student is admitted to UVU, they can register for UVU Concurrent Enrollment classes! Classes are taught by a UVU-endorsed high school instructor or live-streamed by a current UVU professor. 

Tuition for a UVU Concurrent Enrollment class is only $5 per credit hour! This reduced tuition helps high school students earn college credit while still in high school, allowing them to continue their educational journey beyond their regular high school classes. Students can schedule a meeting with their high school's Concurrent Enrollment advisor to discuss which classes align with their educational and career goals.

Class Style Options

face to facw 2023

Face to Face

  • High School Teacher is instructor
  • Classes are Face to Face at the High School
  • $5 per credit
  • Classes fit in A day/B day schedule
  • Complete UVU CE Admissions Application
  • High School Coordinator can help with Admissions and Registration
Live Interactive

Live Interactive

  • UVU Professor is instructor
  • Deadlines, Breaks and Class Times are different than Face to Face CE classes
  • Classes are live broadcast to the High School
  • $5 per credit
  • Complete UVU CE Admissions Application
  • Classes run on UVU schedule:
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday or
    Tuesday, Thursday
  • High School Facilitator can help with Admissions, Registration, Grade Issues, and manages the Live Interactive Classroom




Advancing Quality

Utah Valley University Concurrent Enrollment has been nationally accredited through the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships since 2005 for standards and academic rigor.

The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) works to ensure that college courses taught by high school teachers are as rigorous as courses offered on the sponsoring college campus. As the sole accrediting body for Concurrent Enrollment partnerships, NACEP helps these programs adhere to the highest standards to help students experience a seamless transition to college and teachers benefit from meaningful, ongoing professional development.

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