Bachelor Degrees

UVU’s bachelor’s degrees in languages prepare students for careers in fields using their language directly such as translation, interpretation, international business, secondary education, etc. And in an ever-globalizing world, the benefits of language and culture study are applicable to almost any career. Knowledge of languages and cultures aids graduates as they seek to be good citizens by broadening their horizons and improving their skills, knowledge, and decision-making abilities. Language graduates are also very well prepared to enter graduate and professional schools.


UVU’s minors in languages can be attached to any major adding value to graduates. Graduates can work in fields using their language every day, or they may apply the skills and improved thinking abilities the come from studying language and culture in any career field. The study of a second language introduces broader horizons allowing graduates to more effectively interact with the world around them.

Integrated Studies Degrees

Any language minor can be combined with any other minor on campus to create a bachelor’s degree through the Integrated Studies Program. This is a great way to combine two different areas of study into a single degree program tailored to the interests of individual students.

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