Vietnam Era Oral History Project

Vietnam Era Oral History Project

The Vietnam Era Oral History Project at Utah Valley University began in the fall of 2009, through the encouragement of history student Courtney Whelan. She urged UVU history professor Dr. William W. Cobb, a Vietnam War veteran himself, to build an oral history program as a way to have students become involved in preserving history.

The project’s primary goal is to preserve, for academic purposes, the invaluable historical records of those whose lives were significantly affected by the Vietnam War and era. Interviews are centered on the veterans’ perceptions of themselves before, during, and after their military service.

The Vietnam Era Oral History Project currently consists of interviews with veterans who saw active duty in Vietnam, but also with those who served elsewhere; with veterans who became active in Utah’s civil rights, peace, and justice movements, as well as with family members of veterans. We’d also like to expand our interviews to include those who were students during the Vietnam War era, civilian war protesters and community activists, politicians, and friends of veterans, all who will shed light on that period of personal, political, and social upheaval by sharing their personal insights and stories.

How to Participate

As a Vietnam War Veteran

We are looking for Vietnam War veterans who are willing to be interviewed to share their personal experiences and reflections. If interested in participating, please fill out this questionnaire.

As Family or a Friend of a Vietnam War Veteran

We would like to include interviews with family and friends of Vietnam War veterans in order to get additional perspectives from that era. If interested in participating, please fill out this form.

As a UVU Student

UVU students can participate in one of several ways: by completing an internship for credit hours; by volunteering on an individual basis; or as a service project for a club.

The project provides students with learning opportunities such as:

  • Community outreach by locating interviewees or memorabilia
  • Conducting interviews
  • Administrative duties for the project
  • Transcribing/editing
  • Marketing/awareness of the project to the community and students
  • Mentoring students in lower-division courses

As a Community Member

We need community involvement to provide contact information for Vietnam veterans, their families, and their friends, as well as to donate Vietnam veterans’ photographs, letters, journals, or other related items, to the George Sutherland Archives at Utah Valley University.

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Featured Interviews

William Cobb
Lewis Downey

Cobb, William

Downey, Lewis

Diane Evans Ray Hill Ekins

Evans, Diane

Hill, Ray Ekins

Steve Iverson Daniel Lukins

Iverson, Steve

Lukins, Daniel

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