Library Instruction Program

The Fulton Library instruction program contributes to the Essential Learning Outcomes and mission of the University through course-integrated library instruction. We offer information literacy instruction in a variety of modalities:

  • credit-bearing course
  • in-person and online course-integrated sessions
  • research workshops
  • online tutorials and research guides
  • research consultations

To request library instruction (including workshops, online learning objects, Canvas modules, and more), use the appropriate request form below. Instruction can and should be tailored to your unique research assignments and your students’ needs. Once you place your request for instruction, your librarian will reach out to you to collaborate.

For more information about library instruction or for help with scheduling, contact the Instruction Coordinator.

Academic Research Instruction: ENGL 1010, ENGL 2010, and ENGH 1005

We provide a menu of library instruction options for our Academic Writing courses. The lessons in our a-la-carte instruction menu are focused on information literacy skills which will help students complete unique research assignments in each course.
The four lessons are:

  • Developing Researchable Topics
  • Using Search Tools
  • Evaluating Sources
  • Guided Research

Synchronous instructors can request to schedule any combination of these lessons, depending on students' needs and available class time. Asynchronous instructors can import modules on these topics from Canvas Commons. Library instruction is most successful when students come to the workshop prepared with topics and shortly before they begin a research assignment.

Subject-Specific Library Instruction

Librarians offer customized information literacy skills workshops for classes that include a research component. These workshops typically focus on library resources specific to the subject area, rather than the multidisciplinary resources that are the focus of ENGL workshops. For best results, we recommend students come prepared to start work on a specific assignment. Workshops are taught by the library liaison for the class’s department or by another librarian who works with that particular college.

Faculty may use the scheduling form above, contact theirlibrary liaisondirectly, or contact the Instruction Coordinator.

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