The Department of Literacies and Composition teaches two different courses, ENGH-0890 and ENGH-1005. Speak to your adviser to determine which course is the right place for you to start.

The English 0890 and 1005 series offer students the opportunity to write in multiple contexts for multiple audiences. These are portfolio-based courses, which emphasize that writing is a process, and grades are weighted towards students’ best work. These courses are also recursive, meaning the concepts presented build on and circle back to each other.

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Literacies and Composition Across the University - ENGH 0890

English 0890 is aimed at broadening students’ understanding of what it means to write, read, and be a successful in college. Students will experience different types of writing as well as develop strategic approaches to reading, persuasion, research, and many other literacies.

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Literacies and Composition Across Communities - ENGH 1005

English 1005 also builds on those concepts, and students expand their understanding of the rhetorical nature of writing, multiple literacies, and writing as an assemblage. By gaining these understandings, students will be able to confidently navigate the diverse work of their college experience.

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