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Our Mission

UVU’s name, brand, logos and trademarks function in representing the university’s image, value, and reputation. The university’s portfolio of intellectual properties are protected by various copyright, trademark, and service mark rights, under international, federal, and state laws. The university's trademark-licensing program has been designed to operate, under the direction of University Marketing and Communications, as the acting authority responsible for:

•  Producing and enhancing intellectual properties that represent the university's name and brand

•. Protecting against brand mismanagement, trademark infringements and product liabilities

•. Promoting positive brand sentiment through correct, accurate, consistent and elevated communications (i.e., marketing, retail and experiences)

•. Profiting the brand by licensing the university's brand assets (i.e., products, services, and association)

Collegiate Licensing Company

As part of UVU’s licensing strategy, the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) serves as the university’s exclusive trademark-licensing agency (multi-year campus agreement), providing UVU with access to leading brand protection, brand management, best-in-class licensees, key retail connections and intelligence, marketing programs and brand development services.

UVU Approved Trademark-Licensed Vendors

UVU’s agency agreement with CLC legally requires all vendors (using, producing, or associating with UVU’s names, brand, logos trademarks, and image), to become registered through CLC, as a UVU approved trademark-licensed vendor. This 'approved trademark-licensed vendor' status is only obtained through UVU’s Trademark-Licensing Program. No other university department may authorize any vendor to use, produce or associate with the university’s name, brand assets, logos, trademarks, or image. Every use of UVU’s name, logos, trademarks, brand assets, and images, regardless of intent (giveaway, marketing, internal consumption, retail, etc.), are required to be produced through UVU’s Trademark Licensing Program, using a UVU approved trademark-licensed vendor.

See UVU Approved Vendors

UVU Trademark Licensing Program: Why is it important?

Ownership of intellectual property

The university owns the intellectual property: Utah Valley University’s “Trademarks” are intellectual property protected by international, state and federal laws, and any use without authorized permission is illegal. All UVU trademarks are subject to the campus contract licensing requirements and trademark permissions to prevent counterfeit and infringing uses.

Trademark definition: Trademarks, also known as 'INDICIA,' are defined as any and all identifiers, which create a connection, association or reference to the university, through means including, but not limited to proprietary designs, trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, insignias, word marks, logos, logo-graphics, designs, mascots, character marks, team names, nicknames, seals, crests, abbreviations, acronyms, geographical names in the appropriate context, slogans, phrases, verbiage, graphics, brand colors, uniforms and equipment designs, silhouettes, distinctive landmarks, tartan patterns, patterns, vintage marks, historical marks, subsidiary brands, brand extensions, sounds, music, identifications, and other symbols.

UVU Trademarks: Through the licensing office, the university manages the ownership, protection and promotion of some the following trademarks: Utah Valley University, Utah Valley, Utah Valley Wolverines, UVU, GOUVU, Willy the Wolverine, The Den, Protect the Den, Green Man Group, Gulo-Gulo, Wolverine Wednesday, Valley Vibes, Rally The Valley, and 12THWolverine.

Protection of licensing revenues

The trademarks and licensing program seeks to generate key revenues, which provide strategic funding for scholarship and campus programming .

Manufacturing code of conduct compliance

The university safeguards its trademark use through approved manufacturing and distribution channel compliance, which requires transparent vendor reporting and the protection of workers’ rights through a ‘code of conduct’ observance:

  1. Adherence to labor laws and regulations
  2. Harassment / Abuse
  3. Non-discrimination
  4. Forced, Indentured and Slave Labor
  5. Child Employment Labor
  6. Collective Bargaining
  7. Sweatshops / Safe Working Conditions
  8. Legally Restricted Work Hours
  9. Right to Fair Compensation

Protection against product liabilities

To protect the university and consumers from inferior products, defective product liabilities, and assuring that only quality products bear the university’s trademarks, the program requires all trademark approved vendors to carry liability insurance and issue the university legal indemnification.

Unified message and consistent brand presence

The university seeks to control all messaging associated with the brand by properly reviewing and approving all trademark uses, making sure trademarked products and promotions are consistent, uniform and appropriate.

Students and Campus Employees: How do I order UVU branded products?

The university’s trademark-licensing program is designed to provide all UVU students and employees with a simple process to legally purchase licensed goods that bear the university’s name or trademarks.

This requires all students and employees to secure written approval, prior to any vendor product production and purchase.

Stage 1: Select the right product

When creating UVU branded products, what product(s) should I pick? There are so many to choose from!

1. UVU colors: It's pretty obvious. All product materials representing UVU should be manufactured in UVU's colors (green, black, gray, and white).

2. Core audience: Capture your core audience. (Hint: It isn't “everyone.”) Who are they? What products do they love to use every day? Give your audience the product they love and use. They will love you for it and become your word-of-mouth marketing!

3. Audience fit: Another stress ball might seem boring…unless you rock climb and want a stronger grip. How does the product fit with your core audience? We aren't all the same, so buy what matters. If you give this to them, where will it end up? Make the product(s) about them, not about you. Make it related to their field of study, their passions or their industry pursuit.

  • Snowboarders: Hand warmers, face-mask bandanna, snowboard wax
  • Engineers: Drafting rulers, Velcro blueprint carrier, tape measure
  • Exercise Science: Protein shaker bottle, workout towel, exercise shirt
  • Computer Technology: USB drive, tech storage case, mini computer mirror

4. PRODUCT FIT: Make sure if it's wearable, it fits. Get the right sizes. No one likes a free t-shirt that's too small.

5. QUANTITY vs. QUALITY: The battle of the ages!

  • Quantity: Get as much product as possible with your budget. This may mean getting cheaper quality products products people may not want
  • Quality: You can't get as much product, but the quality is awesome and people love it! They keep talking about it...but wait, wasn't that the point?

Stage 2: Create a cool design

Generate a product concept. Produce a design and demonstrate how the trademarks will be properly used.

1. Use an official logo: Got a logo! Done, right? Maybe…or you could design something even cooler and cleanly incorporate a UVU logo into your design. An official UVU logo is required within each design or somewhere on the product. Without an official logo, your product is...officially BORING!

2. Remember UVU colors: How can you make this design lead out with UVU colors, while getting your message across? Use multiple UVU colors.

3. Simple design: Keep it simple. Be bold. Be concise. This isn't a novel (unless your product is a novel). Someone has less than 10 seconds to read it.

4. Typography / Fonts / Type: What fonts call best to your audience? Make sure it's readable. (Block, script, handwritten, painterly, cursive, etc.)

5. Design composition: Arrange design elements neatly, using artistic compositional layout. This will affect your location and placement.

6. Location and placement: Where will your cool design be located or placed on the product? (Probably not the armpit.) Choose the right spot and size for your design.

*Special notes:

  • If you need access to the University Style Guide, please visit UVU Identity Guidelines
  • At any time, you have the option to discuss the scope of your project, product, and design concept, email [email protected]

Stage 3: Locate an approved UVU trademark-licensed vendor

Exclusive Campus Wide Contract: UVU has an exclusive campus-wide contract with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), which requires all UVU products to be manufactured only by "UVU Approved Trademark-Licensed Vendors."

Why? Check out "Why is it important?" up top.

SEE THE LIST:  'UVU Approved Trademark-Licensed Vendors' These are vendors who follow strict guidelines and have contracted with UVU through UVU's licensing agency CLC, in order to manufacture products with UVU's name and trademarks.

(*NOTE: Other vendors can become approved by following the Business section at the bottom of this page.)

Stage 4: Product quotes and fees

1. Product quotes: Always make sure to get several quotes, so you get the best price!

2. Licensing royalties and fees: *Most UVU branded or licensed products, which are internally ordered, are "non-royalty bearing." They are typically items being purchased by the university, used as marketing and promotional giveaways, not for resale.

3. Club orders and costs: Student clubs are separate from the university, so all products will be required to be "royalty bearing." This means all product orders will be charged an additional licensing royalty of 14%. See example below:

  • Club orders $350.00 in t-shirts to be produced. Vendor and club must add an additional 14% for UVU's required licensing royalties = $49.00.
  • $350.00 (Product production costs) + $49.00 (UVU licensing royalties) = $399.00 is the final cost of the order.
  • The UVU approved trademark-licensed vendor will collect and pay all the royalties to CLC, which will then be distributed to UVU.
  • Royalties then support UVU scholarship and programming.

4. Additional third-party logos or sponsors: Products with additional third-party logos or sponsors will be required to be "royalty bearing." While signage sponsorships expire annually, products like clothing can continue to be worn throughout the community for years, without annual sponsorship payments. Additionally, the sponsor or third-party has the privilege of gaining access to wholesale product pricing, by partnering with UVU. For this reason, the licensing policies require a "premium royalty or MRU" be added to the cost of each product or unit.

  • Items whose wholesale cost, per unit, is over $10.00 each + 14% royalty = $11.40 per unit
  • Items whose wholesale cost, per unit, is under $10.00 each + $0.75 MRU royalty ($3.00 T-shirt + $0.75 MRU = $3.75 per unit)

5. Items for retail, sale and fundraising: All items being sold, resold or for fundraising, must include a 14% licensing royalty.

6. Product or vender exclusives: Some product categories may have an specific vendor, who has a contracted exclusive with the university. This requires that all UVU products, within that category, must be "exclusively purchased" with that specific vendor. Violation of licensing exclusives may result in heavy disciplinary action and fines.

  • UVU Division 1 Athletic Uniforms - Adidas
  • Graduation Products - Jostens
  • Campus Pouring Rights - Pepsi


Special note:

When making product purchases, UVU's Trademark and Licensing office determines what licensing royalties or licensing fees apply to each project and product, based on the policies of the campus wide contract with CLC.

  • Co-sponsored products, retail or resale, fundraising, etc.
  • Campus licensing contracts, product exclusives, etc.
  • Licensing royalties and fees, MRU's (Minimum Royalties per Unit), etc.


Stage 5: Ordering Product

Note: If you are looking for generic UVU products, please support UVU and purchase licensed products from the UVU Bookstore or local retailers.

UVU has two processes for purchasing UVU branded products:

  1. Requisition through Wolverine Marketplace
  2. P-Card or UVU Purchasing Credit Card

Requisition Process:

  1. Go online to
  2. Select "Departments", find the "Finance" section and select "Purchasing and Travel"
  3. Select "Wolverine Marketplace"
  4. On the Shopping Dashboard, select "Non-cataloged item"
  5. Fill out the form
  6. Be sure to include all digital product artwork mockups, so we can approve your request.
  7. Once submitted, the submission will come through your assigned approval request chain, which may consist of several individuals.
  8. The submission will also come to the UVU trademarks-licensing queue for review and approvals.
  9. Submissions can be denied, approved with required changes, or fully approved.
  10. Once a "Purchase Order / PO#" has been created for an approved vendor, you can then execute the production and purchase of the products.
  11. Approved vendor will then submit the product artwork mockups to CLC Brand Manager.
  12. UVU Trademarks-Licensing will give the UVU approved vendor, final approval in CLC Brand Manager.

P-Card Process (Purchasing-Card)

  1. Sign in online at MY.UVU.EDU
  2. Select and fill out the "Product Artwork Approval Form"
  3. The form will lead you to DocuSign®, which will allow our office to provide you with product artwork approval.
  4. Be sure to include all digital product artwork mockups, so we can approve your request.
  5. Once submitted, the submission will come to the UVU trademarks-licensing queue for review.
  6. Submissions can be denied, approved with required changes, or fully approved.
  7. Once the submission is approved, products may go into production and be purchased using the P-card.
  8. Approved vendor will then submit the product artwork mockups to CLC Brand Manager.
  9. UVU Trademarks-Licensing will give the UVU approved vendor, final approval in CLC Brand Manager.

*Special notes:

  • All purchasing methods must follow University Policy and correct chain approvals, where required.


Businesses Who Wish to Become Licensees: How do I order UVU branded products?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner with Utah Valley University!

We know UVU’s brand will help build greater student affinity for both the products and the retailers you serve. We seek to strategically promote your brand and enhance your product sales, which will result in increased school spirit here at Utah Valley.

APPLY TODAY: Utah Valley University ‘requires’ all businesses and entrepreneurs to ‘legally produce’ all products bearing the trademarks of Utah Valley University. UVU’s trademark and licensing office is in place to support you through both the license onboarding and product promotion.

To apply for a trademark license, vendors will go online to Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) and apply for a license with “Utah Valley University.”

Once you have completed the application and made payment, please contact our office to help in the process of getting the application fully approved. The on-boarding process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how active you are as a vendor.

Vendors who have the drive to frequently contact UVU and CLC for the trademark-license approval are wanted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected].

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