At Utah Valley University, we’re all about student success. That also applies when it comes to our verbal and visual identity. We use consistent fonts, colors, photographs, designs, logos, and themes to advance our mission to help every student succeed in work and life. These brand guidelines will help strengthen your messaging and make it easier for all of us to be Wolverine green.

Identity & Logos

Make it official.

A logo is often the first thing people notice when they see an asset. The UVU logo is simple, flexible, and recognizable — introducing our audience to the university and cementing our visual identity. Use the official versions of the UVU logo below to identify the university in different situations.

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University Logos


Square logo example

The square version of the institutional mark is the primary representation of the University. This should be your default choice in all situations where size, placement, and usage appropriately permit.


Horizontal logo example

Designed for limited situations, the horizontal logo is intended for special use when space or size constraints exclude appropriate use of the square logo.


Monograme example

A simple logo best used for audiences already familiar with the University. For audiences outside of Utah, the square logo is recom-mended over the monogram.


University Seal

University Seal

University seal example

The university seal symbolizes UVU’s growth from a vocational school in 1941 to the largest university in the state of Utah today. In general, save the seal for formal documents like diplomas and certificates. Contact us to request usage.


Secondary Marks

Secondary mark example: Center

Secondary mark example: Side stack

Symbolize your spot within UVU.

We use consistent logos across the university to showcase our shared campus culture. To highlight your department or division’s place within the UVU brand, you may use a customized secondary logo.

Check out the instructions below to learn how to order and display an approved logo.

How to Get a Secondary Symbol

Secondary logos can be ordered online at Orders must be approved at the AVP or associate dean level (or higher) and by University Marketing and Communications before they are created and released. Campus entities are not permitted to create their own logos.

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Secondary Logo Guidelines

  1. On materials for external audiences, the university logo must accompany secondary logos. Example: The secondary logo could be used on the front cover and the university logo on the back cover.
  2. The secondary logo may stand alone on materials for internal audiences (such as on-campus digital signage).
  3. Secondary symbols may be used on webpages but must not replace the institutional UVU mark in the primary header of the web templates.
  4. Secondary symbols are not to be used on letterhead, business cards, or envelopes.
  5. The same color and clear-space requirements that apply to UVU’s primary logo also apply to secondary logos.



We are the proud Wolverines.

We all love to cheer on our UVU student-athletes. But the guidelines for athletics branding are a little different from other university materials. Check out the following tips and instructions on how to use the Wolverine logo and athletic fonts and colors so we’re all cheering for the same team.


Wolverine athletic logo example

The Wolverine mascot is the most recognizable symbol of UVU in the athletic community. That means making sure the Wolverine is used in the right colors, sizes, and combinations.

Athletic Wordmark

Athletic wordmark example

UVU’s athletic wordmarks have been designed to stand alone or accompany the Wolverine.

Combined Wordmark

Athletics combo logo example

If you’re looking to use both the mascot and athletic wordmarks, they can be combined in the configurations shown here.



We bleed green.

Our brand appearance demonstrates our commitment to welcoming students and empowering them to achieve their dreams.

The UVU aesthetic is characterized by:

  • – Clean lines and logos
  • – Generous spacing
  • – Traditional, linear fonts
  • – Green, black, white, and silver colors
  • – Simple, stylish line icons and graphics

Consistency is a good look. To maintain our visual identity and build university recognition, follow the standards in this guide for all graphic design elements.

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Color Pallets

Go green. (But make sure it's the right green.)

Not just any green will do when it comes to maintaining UVU’s consistent brand presence; Pantone 7483 is the official UVU green. UVU’s color palette is green, black, white, and silver. All official university marks must be printed in these colors.

The secondary greens shown here are also part of our color palette. Use them to add a pop of grightness to the primary colors.

Primary Color Palette

Pantone 7483

CMYK: C83 M39 Y88 K34
RGB : 36R 93G 56B
Web Safe: #275D38
Cool Gray 6
50% Black

Secondary Green Color Palette

Pantone 348

CMYK: C87 M24 Y96 K11
RGB : 14R 131G 69B
Web Safe: #0e8345
Pantone 7738

CMYK: C74 M13 Y97 K1
RGB : 75R 162G 73B
Web Safe: #4ba249
Pantone 368

CMYK: C58 M1 Y96 K0
RGB : 120R 190G 72B
Web Safe: #78be48

Specialty Silver

Pantone 8001 — Metallic Silver

University Fonts


These fonts are recommended to support and maintain the consistency of the University identity. They offer the weight, character, and interest needed to build and support the identity. Use them to create consistency in branding.

Brand Fonts

Stratum is our primary university font, and our logo branding is based on it. Request access to our university license at [email protected]. Adobe Garamond is available through the Adobe Creative Suite .

Institutional Primary
Stratum 1

Typography Stratum sample

Adobe Garamond

Typography Adobe Garamond sample

General Use Fonts

We want to make staying on-brand easy for you. To give you options that are readily available in all programs and web safe, the fonts listed here are all available free of charge and are easily downloaded from Google Fonts.

Institutional Secondary & Web
Rajdhani Web safe version to replace Stratum on web applications


Source Sans Available in Extra Light, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, Black


Source Serif Available in Extra Light, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, Black


Montserrat Available in Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold, Extra Bold, Black


Arial Available in Regular and Bold


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Print & Digital Templates

Download designs for your department or division. Create your own UVU-branded posters, presentations, digital signage, social media posts, and more!

University Marketing has provided a variety of templates for every skill level — from user-friendly Canva and PowerPoint files to robust Photoshop and InDesign documents. Browse through our templates library to find the perfect design for your project! !

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Meet the UVU Voice.

At UVU, we tell everyone to come as you are — there’s a place for you. Our brand voice reflects that philosophy. No matter what you’re writing, if the personality and emotion behind your words match that voice, you’ll be showing what makes us Wolverines.

The UVU voice is based on four principles:
Empower your audience: Project positive energy that empowers readers to reach their potential.
Be friendly: Embrace your audience and treat them as who they are — as individuals and part of the UVU community.
Rep the brand: Keep UVU at the forefront of all communication and messaging.
Be authentic: Appeal to your audience with honest and real communication.

When you use these principles in your writing, you’ll end up with messaging that sounds and feels like UVU’s voice. You don’t have to use all four in every message — consider your audience and objectives and select the most relevant principles.

Keep your writing sharp.

Our university writing style guide can help refine your writing even more. If you’ve ever wondered about the official name of a building, when to spell out words instead of using numbers, or how to refer to a program or degree, we’ve got your back.

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Words matter.

When writing copy and headlines for UVU, consider not only the clarity and content of your message but also the feelings your words invoke.

Keep these words and emotions in mind as you write to help guide you in the right direction.

UVU’s personality is:

  • – Approachable
  • – Authentic
  • – Curious
  • – Driven
  • – Engaged
  • – Inclusive
  • – Innovative
  • – Optimistic
  • – Passionate
  • – Purposeful

UVU's tone is:

  • – Knowledgeable, not stuffy
  • – Personal, not distant
  • – Genuine, not pretentious
  • – Clear, not ambiguous
  • – Accessible, not exclusive


You should also keep in mind UVU’s official mission statement, values, action commitments, and objectives. These drive everything we do. Read more here.

Need more help with your writing? Contact University Marketing and Communications for a consultation.


We live in a visual world.

As technology accelerates, visual communication becomes more important — and attention spans continue to shrink. Great photos can cut through the noise and grab the audience’s attention.

The best photos capture a compelling narrative that evokes an emotional response in the viewer. We’re here to help you tell those stories.

Whatever your visual goals, UVU Photo can help. We collaborate with campus community members to understand your unique needs and create the greatest impact. UVU Photo will guide photo sessions and use creative post-processing techniques to help you fulfill your vision and connect with your audience.

To request photo services and view UVU Photo’s charging structure, visit

Browse UVU Photo galleries at for examples of powerful visual storytelling.

High-quality campus photos are readily available at the University's Photoshelter with the link below:

All gallaries require a password which is:
"gogreen" (in all lowercase letters)

Enter UVU Photo Archive

Let us get you the shot you need, explore some examples of past work and see how our professional photographers can enhance your next project.

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