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  Apply for a UVU Trademark License

Apply for a UVU Trademark License

Thank you for your interest in becoming a licensing partner with Utah Valley University! We know UVU’s brand will help build greater affinity for both the products and the retailers you serve. We seek to strategically promote your brand and enhance your product sales, which will result in increased sales and added school spirit at Utah Valley.

Trademark Licensing Requirement

UVU ‘requires’ all vendors, businesses, entrepreneurs, partners, and sponsors to ‘legally produce’ all products bearing the trademarks of Utah Valley University.

How We Can Help

We are here to support you through the trademark license onboarding process, product sample review, artwork approvals, consumer insights, retail data and product campaign promotions.

Application Timeline

Once you have completed the CLC application process and made payment, please contact our office to help get the application fully approved. The on-boarding process can move quickly or take several weeks, depending on how active you are as a vendor to frequently contact CLC and UVU during each stage. For questions please contact: [email protected]

Types of UVU Trademark Licenses

  1. Standard Retail License – Permits UVU branded product production for both campus internal and retail. Retail may be sold directly from approved licensee, to campus retailers, and to third-party distributors and retailers (local, regional, or national).
  2. Internal Campus License – Permits UVU branded product production for internal campus use only. No retail.
  3. Crafters License – Permits small quantities of UVU branded product, through handmade production, exclusively produced by local crafters, artisans, fans, alumni, and entrepreneurs. Retail restrictions.

  Apply for a Standard Retail or Internal Campus License

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  Apply for a Crafters License

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