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Inclusion is one of UVU's Core Themes. We have made and will continue to make progress in providing a learning and working environment that recognizes the value of each individual that steps foot on our campus. From our budget decisions to our facilities, and from our academic programs to our outreach programs, UVU's commitment to inclusion is palpable. I invite you to visit Utah Valley University, explore this site, and find the resources needed to be successful. As President of UVU, I extend my personal commitment to making Utah Valley University a place that is welcome, inviting, and safe for people from all walks of life.


President Matthew S. Holland



UVU is committed to preparing all students and employees for success in an increasingly complex, diverse, and globalized society. We promote civility and respect for the dignity and potential of each individual. We seek to advance the understanding of diverse perspectives. We value and promote collegial relationships and mutual respect among student., faculty, and staff. We acknowledge and seek to address the needs of populations who are underrepresented and students with varying levels of academic preparation, even as we strive to provide access and support for all students and employees in ways that are culturally relevant and responsible.