Covid-19 Updates

Tests for ALEKS will be administered through UVU’s Testing Services. 
  • Testers must register for a testing appointment on their website at least 24 hours in advance.  On the Testing Services website ( there is a “Schedule an Appointment” button that will take clients to the scheduling system.   

UVU wants you to succeed when it comes to math. Success in math starts with taking the right course. It is important that you are placed in the appropriate math course so you do not waste time and money in courses that you are over- or under-qualified for.

UVU utilizes a program called ALEKS PPL for placing students in appropriate math classes. ALEKS – Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces – is a web-based learning system that uses artificial intelligence.

ALEKS efficiently assesses readiness for courses ranging from basic arithmetic up to Calculus I in a single, 30-question assessment. Based on the results of the assessment, ALEKS creates an individualized study plan called a Prep and Learning Module to help you refresh what you've forgotten. After reviewing, the assessment can be retaken up to four times to allow you to improve your math placement and skip lower-level courses.

Most students skip at least one course after reviewing with ALEKS. Better yet, students that use ALEKS get better grades in the math courses they take.

There are three ways you can take advantage of the learning tools provided through ALEKS at UVU:

myUVU / Self Study

Study at your own pace and on your own time through self study available on myUVU.

Math 100R

Math 100R provides guided instruction from faculty to help you prepare for math success at UVU.

Math Leap

Math Leap is offered during the summer semester and provides faculty and online guidance as you study through an individualized plan.

Note: If your ACT score was 26 or higher, your math requirement might be satisfied depending on your major. Check with your academic advisor to determine if you need to place with ALEKS or need any additional math courses for your major. ACT scores less than two years old may be used for placement.

Watch this short video to learn more about the ALEKS program.

ALEKS Program Video