UVU Wants You to Succeed

Timely completion of your math requirement is a big part of that. Students who complete their math requirement at the beginning of their education are far more likely to graduate than those who put it off. There probably isn't anything more important for you to get started on. Time is of the essence! This page will help you get started and help you succeed along the way.

  • Students who complete their Math and English GE within their first year are more likely to graduate!

Students and Teacher

Special Note for Transfer Students:

If you are a transfer student, please check on transfer articulation of any previous math courses you may have taken. You may already have completed your GE math requirement! In the event that any previous courses didn't transfer, or do not satisfy your degree requirements, have no fear. UVU has numerous resources in place to help you succeed with math. We'll help you get started and succeed.