Math Leap Workshops

UVU offers Math Leap workshops before the Fall and Spring semesters and all summer long to prepare students for enrollment into their math class. These  workshops allow students to review their math knowledge in a friendly, student-centered environment using ALEKS. The goal is to help students save time by placing them into the right math course.

Math Leap sessions are three weeks long, with three-hour classes held twice a week. In order to make the most of the program, you will need to spend time outside of class working in the ALEKS learning system. Students who spend an average of 6 to 11 hours working in ALEKS outside the workshop tend to improve their placement by an entire class.

The workshop begins with a pre-test that will determine the knowledge of each participant. A customized study path will then be created for each student, focusing on the areas that need the most work. 

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Participants will have access to online resources to help them master the necessary concepts. Participants are expected to come to class every day for the three weeks of the program. During class time, they will receive individualized instruction from both the online software and a faculty member. Students are also expected to work from home.

In the last session, students will take the final proctored placement exam and be ready to register for the appropriate math class.  

The program costs $25. For additional information and registration, see the table below:

Math Leap Program and Registration,  2022  - $25     Summer Sessions

**All session information will be sent to your email.  Please check your school email after registering for a session.  

Session Instructor Dates Days Time Room
#1 Patrick Ling May 17 - Jun 2 T/H Morning 9AM -12PM Face-to-Face - LA 026 - CLOSED
#2 Eunmi Joung May 24 -  June 9 T/H Evening 6PM - 9PM Live Stream -CLOSED
#3 Roxanne Brinkerhoff May 31 -  June 16 T/H Morning 9Am - 12PM Live Stream - Microsoft Teams - CLOSED
#4 John Kidd June 6 -  June 22 M/W Morning 9 AM - 12PM Face-to-Face - LA 026 - CLOSED
#5 Ellen Lehet June 13 -  June 29 M/W Evening 6PM - 9PM Face-to-Face - LA 026 - CLOSED
#6 Cancelled Canecelled   Cancelled Cancelled
#7 Zach Hurdle June 21 -  July 7 T/H Evening 6PM - 9PM Live Stream - Microsoft Teams - CLOSED
#8 KC Lee June 28 -  July 14 T/H Morning 9AM - 12PM Live Stream - Microsoft Teams
#9 David Dean July 5 -  July  21 T/H Morning 9AM - 12PM Face-to-Face - LA 026
#10 Christine Walker July 12 -  July 28 T/H Afternoon 2PM - 5PM Live Stream - Microsoft Teams
#11 Patrick Ling July 19 -  August 4 T/H Morning 9AM - 12PM Face-to-Face - LA 123
#12 Ben Moulton July 19 - August 4 T/H Evening 6PM - 9PM Live Stream - Microsoft Teams- CLOSED
#13 KC Lee July 26 - August 11 T/H Morning 9AM - 12PM Face-to-Face -LA 026
#14 David Dean July 26 - August 11 T/H Evening 6PM - 9 PM Live Stream - Microsoft Teams

Math 100R

Math 100R

This one-credit course is designed for students to improve their placement in math. The course meets for two hours, once a week, for half of a semester.

Math 100R is similar to the Math Leap workshop in that students work with the ALEKS program on an individualized study plan built to help the student succeed with math. The instructor for the course is on hand to guide students through the program and help students better understand the content.

Unlike the Math Leap workshops, MATH100R is a credit bearing class, and students will receive university credit for putting in the time and successfully taking a placement test at the end of the course. Grades for the course are awarded as credit/no credit.  Students who do not put the work in or who fail to take the final placement test will not receive credit.

The cost for the class is included in the student's tuition.


If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can work in the ALEKS module on your own to prepare for math placement.

From the Student tab in myUVU, go to "Registration and Academics", then scroll down to "English and Math Placement Information", and click on "ALEKS Math Learning System".  You will begin with an initial practice assessment. After this assessment, the ALEKS system will map out topics for you.  (See more information about ALEKS.)

A subscription fee may be required while setting up an account.  Students will have access to their account until the end of the calendar year, with the ability to take placement tests through mid-January of the following year.  For help setting up an account, follow our step-by-step ALEKS Account Set-Up Guide.  If you have any difficulties accessing ALEKS, contact Jon Anderson at

student studying on campus