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How We Help You Succeed

UVU wants you to succeed when it comes to math. Success in math starts with taking the right course. It is important that you are placed in the appropriate math course so you do not waste time and money in courses that you are over- or under-qualified for. Take advantage of the tools provided to help you succeed in math and graduate sooner.


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How to use ALEKS PPL®

UVU has a new tool called ALEKS® that is available to all students. ALEKS® is a powerful tool that determines exactly what you know, what you don't know, and what you are ready to learn. It correctly places you in the appropriate math class and provides the opportunity to improve your placement by working on learning modules. Most students who have used ALEKS® have been able to eliminate at least one math course.

ALEKS® is not your only option when it comes to preparing for or taking a math placement exam (although ALEKS® does both), but it is a great one.

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  • Take placement assessment
  • Use learning module to improve skills
  • Retake assessment for better standing